10 Interesting Joseph Stalin Facts

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Get more information about the leader of the Soviet Union by reading Joseph Stalin facts. Stalin is the one who started the cold war between the Soviet Union with United States of America. If you want to know more about his journey as a Soviet Union leader, look at the following post below:

Joseph Stalin Facts 1: date of birth

Joseph Stalin was born on 8 December 1878 in Gori Georgia. He was famous as the leader of the Soviet Union who started the cold war.  This man was also well known as the leader who fought against the Germans in World War II. Find out the cold tension with US by reading Joseph McCarthy facts.

Joseph Stalin Facts 2: Vladimir Lenin

The leadership of Vladimir Lenin was passed to Joseph Stalin after the former leader died in 1924. People recognize him as a brutal and cruel man.  He ruled the Soviet Union until his death in 1953. During his leadership, he had killed more than 20 million people.

Joseph Stalin facts

Joseph Stalin facts

Joseph Stalin Facts 3: early life

Let’s talk about the early life of Joseph Stalin. Actually he was born with the real name Losif Jughashvili. You are wrong if you think that he came from a notable and rich family. His parents were very poor at that time.

Joseph Stalin Facts 4: small pox disease

Stalin was affected by small pox disease when he was only seven years old.  His skin was filled with many scars. He survived from the small pox disease which killed many people at that time.

Joseph Stalin Image

Joseph Stalin Image

Joseph Stalin Facts 5: priest

Actually Stalin wanted to become a priest. So he was enrolled to a seminary for a priest. However, he failed it since his character was too radical and brutal.

Joseph Stalin Facts 6: Bolshevik revolutionaries

After his failure to become a priest, he was involved with Bolshevik revolutionaries. The group activism was led by Vladimir Lenin who performed the concept of Karl Marx’s writing.

Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin Facts 7: the top leader

Bolshevik revolution made him as one of the top leaders in Russia. He organized many strikes and riots within the country. He performed many crimes with his groups to rob the banks to raise money for the group.

Joseph Stalin Facts 8: Russian revolution

The Russian revolution brought bigger impact in Stalin’s career.  The authority of Tsar in Russia was overthrown by the group in 1971.  Soon Joseph Stalin became one of the top leaders in Soviet Union.

Joseph Stalin Soviet

Joseph Stalin Soviet

Joseph Stalin Facts 9: position

Since 1922, Joseph Stalin served as the General Secretary of the Communist Party. After the death of Vladimir Lenin, he became the leader in the country.

Joseph Stalin Facts 10: Industrialization

Stalin had his own idea to increase the life of the people in Soviet Union. He thought that the country should perform Industrialization and leave the agriculture.

Joseph Stalin Pipe

Joseph Stalin Pipe

The historians estimate that Joseph Stalin killed at least 20 up to 40 million people. He had all people who did not agree with him punished and assassinated. Do you have any opinion on facts about Joseph Stalin?

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