10 Interesting El Greco Facts

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El Greco facts become basic to recognize among people out there. The fact is that more and more people have gained review in how to be able to get information about this sculptor. The facts below can be your basic consideration indeed.

El Greco Facts 1: dramatic expressionism

El Greco had been recognized as famous dramatic expressionistic artist. He also was recognized as the artist involving in cubism and also expressionism. He actually had gained his inspiration of work and personality from Nikos Kazantzakis and also Rainer Maria Rilke.

El Greco Facts 2: initial training

He got his 1st training to be the icon painter for Cretan School. It was the leading centre of Post-Byzantine art. He also studied the ancient Greece classics. Some people said that he studied the Latin classics as well.

El Greco facts

El Greco facts

El Greco Facts 3: style and technique

This person has certain style and technique which involves the intuition and also primacy within imagination for any of his creation. His style of painting can be considered to be unique for many people.

El Greco Facts 4: byzantine origins

There was debate about whether his style had the origins of Byzantine or not among scholars. The debate occurs since the beginning of 20th century. So, you really need to know exactly about his involvement of Byzantine art.

El Greco Image

El Greco Image

El Greco Facts 5: sculpture and architecture

He had gain the esteem as the sculptor and also architect as well within his life. He often designed thorough altar compositions indeed. He also had certain work as painter and sculptor. For example was in Hospital de la Caridad. There he conducted decoration for the hospital chapel.

El Greco Facts 6: other artists influence

He indeed had gained influence from other artists.  His color expressiveness had gained influence from Eugene Delacroix and also Edouard Manet. In the aspect of painting, he gained inspiration from Paul Cezanne.

El Greco Painting

El Greco Painting

El Greco Facts 7: work of El Greco

There was unknown number of El Greco’s works. It had become contested issue indeed. Within 1937, he gained influence from art historian Rodolfo Pallucchini. This had provided great inspiration for many works of him.

El Greco Facts 8:  earliest works

You should know about some earliest works of him which were an icon such as Master Domenikos and small portable triptych such as Modena. Those works hade been attributed to El Greco. Yet, there was a problem related to the credit.

El Greco Pic

El Greco Pic

El Greco Facts 9: late style

He maintained his idealism sense indeed. The fact, he had gained inspiration of late style such as the distinct mannerism. The compositions of the figures were brought into the sky foreground. It was the background indeed.

El Greco Facts 10: single figures

People need to recognize as well about the single figures of him. Some of famous ones were Fray Hortensio Paravicino, Cardinal Fernando Nino, and others.

El Greco

El Greco

The facts about El Greco can be your best effort in how to be able to get information about famous sculptor. There are people who become more attentive about it indeed. The way to enrich the information is by taking benefit from articles or internet out there actually.

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