10 Interesting George Mason Facts

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George Mason facts are important to learn about. Well, the facts here will become your basic effort to learn about this person. I believe there are people who become so much concerned about this person. So, learning the facts can become a good idea.

George Mason Facts 1: childhood

George Mason was born in 1725. His parents are Ann Thomson Mason and also George. His father died when George was in the age of 10. Later, he was taken by his uncle to be cared. His name is John Mercer.

George Mason Facts 2:  1500-volume library

His uncle actually was very involved in George Mason’s life. The jurist’s education of future was profoundly shaped by John’s 1500-volume library. It was one-third of which concerned the law.

George Mason  Pic

George Mason Pic

George Mason Facts 3:  Gunston Hall

He considered himself to be an important figure for his community. He also owned Gunston Hall. He also became one of the richest planters in the Virgina region.

George Mason Facts 4: marriage

So, what is about his marriage? You may recognize that he married Anne Eilbeck in 1750. Within their 23 years of marriage, they got 5 sons and also 4 daughters.

George Mason Image

George Mason Image

George Mason Facts 5: politics

George Mason also gained interest in political interest. He actually was a justice of the County court of Fairfax. Later in the year 1754 and 1779, he became the trustee of Alexandria city. His involvement in politic was so great.

George Mason Facts 6: Virginia House of Burgesses

Later in 1759, he was elected to the Virginia House of Burgesses. The problem occurred when he passed the Stamp Act of 1765. There was outrage in the colonies. He also wrote open letter explaining the position of colonists to the London merchants committee. The purpose is to enlist their support.

George Mason Statue

George Mason Statue

George Mason Facts 7: legislative activity

The years of 1776 and 1780 were the years which have been filled with many legislative activities. Mason supported the disestablishment of the church. He was also active in military affairs within the organization.

George Mason Facts 8:  Extracts from the Virginia Charters

There was influence of his work Extracts from the Virginia Charters.  It was seen in the 1783. It was about the peace treaty of Great Britain.

George Mason V

George Mason V

George Mason Facts 9: public affairs

In early 1780s, Mason suffered from public affairs and later he retired. He also married his second wife named Sarah Brent. It was in 1780.

George Mason Facts 10: the death

Mason died on October 7, 1792. He was buried under the Gunston Hall.

Mason died on October 7, 1792, and was buried on the grounds of Gunston Hall.

George Mason

George Mason

Reading facts about George Mason will bring you closer to his life. There are many things you don’t know about him right?

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