10 Interesting John Tyler Facts

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Let’s find out the interesting John Tyler facts if you want to know the former US president who served the office without being elected to presidency. Once after taking the office, William Henry Harrison died. So the vice president was taken as the president of US upon this emergency event.  If you want to understand his presidency and personal life, you need to read the key facts about John Tyler below:

John Tyler Facts 1: the tenth president of US

John Tyler is considered as the tenth president of United States. Many people are curious about the early life of John Tyler, but the information is very limited. It is believed that he was raised in a plantation in Virginia. Another president of US is explained in John Adams facts.

John Tyler Facts 2: father

John Tyler’s father was not a federalist. He did not want the federal government gained too much power. That’s why his father never supported the ratification of the constitution.

John Tyler Facts

John Tyler Facts

John Tyler Facts 3: education

John Tyler concerned a lot with his education. When he was 12 years old, he studied at the College of William and Mary Preparatory School. He graduated from the school in 1807.

John Tyler Facts 4: a good student

John Tyler was a smart and good student. He was very excellent in economics. When he graduated from his school, he studied law with the first Attorney General in US, Edmund Randolph.

John Tyler Movie

John Tyler Movie

John Tyler Facts 5: the first wife

His first wife was Letitia Christian.  His marriage life was not good due to the bad health condition that his wife experienced. She had a stroke in 1839. Her second stroke led her to death in 1842.

John Tyler Facts 6: Julia Gardiner

Julia Gardiner was his second wife. He remarried again while he served the office.  John Tyler was 30 years older than her.  Julia was five years younger than his eldest daughter. Both married two years after the death of his first wife.

John Tyler Pic

John Tyler Pic

John Tyler Facts 7: children

Can you imagine that Tyler had 14 children who survived until adulthood? One of his children was John Tyler Jr.  He worked as an assistant Secretary of War in the confederacy during the US civil war.

John Tyler Facts 8: states’ rights

John Tyler was the supported of the states’ rights. He believed that it was illegal if the federal government restricted slavery.

John Tyler US President

John Tyler US President

John Tyler Facts 9: resign

He resigned from the office in 1821 after he felt disgruntled with his effort with federal government. However, he became one of the members in Virginia House of Delegates.

John Tyler Facts 10: governor of Virginia

From 1825 to 1827, he became the governor of Virginia. Then he was elected as the member in US senate.

John Tyler

John Tyler

It seems that John Tyler was very lucky to be a president for he got it after succeeding from the dead president. He had the entire cabinet resigned after sitting on the presidency. Are you interested with facts about John Tyler?

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