10 Interesting Hernando Cortes Facts

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Hernando Cortes facts inform you about the famous explorer in the world. He was well-known as a conquistador too. This Spanish man got his fame for he conquered the Aztec Empire. Find out about Cortes by reading the following post below:

Hernando Cortes Facts 1: date of birth

Hernando Cortes was born in 1485 in Medellin, Castille Spain. He passed away in Castilleja de la Cuesta, Castile, Spain.

Hernando Cortes Facts 2: a famous family

Cortes was very lucky because his family was very famous at that time. His father worked for the Spanish army. His occupation was a captain.

Hernando Cortes Cash

Hernando Cortes Cash

Hernando Cortes Facts 3: education

It seems that his parents never see his talent as an explorer. They wanted the young Cortes who was only fourteen years old at that time to study law. They wanted him to become a good lawyer. When he was 16 years old, he came back and gave up law since he was not interested with the subject.

Hernando Cortes Facts 4: Columbus’s discovery

The one inspired Cortes was Christopher Columbus. The discovery of Columbus to the New World made Cortes want to go to the see land. He also hoped to make a good living by traveling to the new world.

Hernando Cortes Facts

Hernando Cortes Facts

Hernando Cortes Facts 5: traveling to the new world

In 1504, Cortes decided to travel to the new world. At that time, he went off to the island of Hispaniola. He worked as a notary in the city of Santo Domingo. After working in the island for five years, people began to recognize him.

Hernando Cortes Facts 6: Cuba

It is not easy for people to conquer a new land. Diego Velazquez asked Cortes to join him in an expedition to Cuba in 1511. Here, Velasquez became the governor. In a very short time, Cortes was a rich and powerful man in Cuba.

Hernando Cortes Image

Hernando Cortes Image

Hernando Cortes Facts 7: Mexico expedition

After for a very long time, finally Cortes was responsible for the journey to Mexico. However, Governor Velazquez was worried that Cortes would become too powerful. So he asked him not to go. However, Cortes did not obey the order. He sailed to Mexico in 1518.

Hernando Cortes Facts 8: Yucatan Peninsula

Cortes arrived in Mexico through the Yucatan peninsula in April 1519. He took some canons, horses, 11 ships and 500 men with him.

Hernando Cortes Pic

Hernando Cortes Pic

Hernando Cortes Facts 9: Dona Marina

Dona Marina’s role was very crucial to him. She was a native woman who spoke Nahuatl language. Cortes needed her to translate the language of the native Aztecs.

Hernando Cortes Facts10: treasure and gold

Cortes was interested to take down the Aztec people because the legend stated that this tribe had a lot of treasures and gold.

Hernando Cortes

Hernando Cortes

He used all of his men to conquer the heart of the Aztec empire located in Tenochtitlan.  When he was in Cholula, he had killed 3,000 priests, nobles and warriors. Are you fascinated with facts about Hernando Cortes?

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