10 Interesting Daniel Boone Facts

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Daniel Boone facts observe one of the greatest explorers in the world.  He was famous because of his full exploration in Kentucky. This man was born on 2 November 1734 in Pennsylvania. Boone got his rifle when he was only 12 years old. His trainer was not only the European people but also the Indian people. If you are interested to know more about him, see the complete facts below:

Daniel Boone Facts 1: Expedition

Boone and his family joined the expedition to explore Kentucky in 1773. The Indian captured and tortured his son and the son of William Russell named Henry. Because of this event, the royal governor of Virginia declared the Dunmore’s war. Get more info about US war in civil war facts.

Daniel Boone Facts 2: Richard Henderson

Richard Henderson was the man who hired Boone to improve the expedition. The trail that he advised Boone to explore was the Wilderness Road. Boone moved with his family in Boonesborough. It was a town built by Boone at the end of trail in Kentucky River. He was helped by thirty men to open the wilderness of Kentucky.

boone family

boone family

Daniel Boone Facts 3: Boone’s Daughter

In 1776, Boone’s daughter and two other girls in the community were captured by the Indian people just outside Boonesborough. This event inspired a writer the named James Fenimore Copper to write The Last of Mohicans.

Daniel Boone Facts 4: The Last of Mohicans

The Last of Mohicans: A Narrative of 1757 was published in 1826. The girls can be saved after Boone and other men ambushed the Indians. Other explorers in seen sacagawea facts.



Daniel Boone Facts 5: Attack

The regular attack to Boonesborough came from Shawnees. They always destroyed the cattle and crops.

Daniel Boone Facts 6: Surrender

Boone and 30 men met Chillicothe Shawnee. They finally surrendered to Indians. The Shwoness adopted Boone by giving him a new name big turtle or Sheltowee.

Daniel Boone  Life and Legend

Daniel Boone Life and Legend

Daniel Boone Facts 7: Limestone

Limestone is a precious spot located near the Ohio River. Limestone now was renamed as Maysville. The Boone’s experience when living in Limestone was gathered in the book “The Discovery, Settlement and Present State of Kentucky” in 1784. It was created by John Filson by gathering the ideas when interviewing many settlers in Kentucky.

Daniel Boone Facts 8: Louisiana Territory

Louisiana Territory once belonged to Boone in 1804. But he lost it once again. It was in 1814, the land went back to him. The land became Missouri.

daniel boone facts

daniel boone facts

Daniel Boone Facts 9: Death

In 1820 Boone died. His graveyard is near his wife Rebecca in Missouri.

Daniel Boone Facts 10: Boonville

Boonville located in New York City is not named after Daniel Boone.  It was named after the Gerrit Boon.

daniel boone family campground

daniel boone family campground

Because of his achievement and experience in his life, there are some places named after Boone.  One of them is Boone County. This country is created in Kentucky in 1798. Do you have any more ideas on facts about Daniel Boone?

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