10 Interesting Jack The Ripper Facts

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Jack The Ripper facts are interested to learn about because it has the basic interest for any people in how they may look for the information about such series murder. Reading facts below can be your basic thing to learn about this.

Jack The Ripper Facts 1: who is he?

Jack the Ripper was widely known as the name given to unidentified serial murderer. This serial murderer was active mostly in certain area such as Whitechapel which was the district of London. The series began in 1888.

Jack The Ripper Facts 2: the name

The name of Jack the Ripper was originated in a letter which was written by people who had claimed to be the murderer. It later was widely disseminated within the media. People become so much considerate about it later.

Jack The Ripper

Jack The Ripper

Jack The Ripper Facts 3: hoax?

The letter was considered to be a hoax. People believed that it had been written by a journalist in order to make the story of the murder more interesting. The crime case file of it was known as Whitechapel Murderer and also the Leather Apron.

Jack The Ripper Facts 4: female prostitutes

The attacks conducted by the ripper typically was involved any female prostitutes. They worked and lived in the London slums. The victims were cut on the throat and getting abdominal mutilations.

Jack The Ripper At Night

Jack The Ripper At Night

Jack The Ripper Facts 5: surgical knowledge

There was a prediction that the killer possessed surgical and anatomical knowledge because of the removal of internal organs from at least 3 of the victims.

Jack The Ripper Facts 6: international notoriety

This case has gained international notoriety because of the extensive newspaper coverage. Therefore, many people worldwide really have good knowledge from this murderer. It will be so much considerable later actually.

Jack The Ripper Fact

Jack The Ripper Fact

Jack The Ripper Facts 7: immigrants

There was also speculation stated that such murderer had the motive in reducing the number of immigrants influx who swelled the populations of the area.

Jack The Ripper Facts 8:  Kelly

Kelly was considered in general to be Ripper’s final victim. People also believed that the crimes ended because of some reasons including the death of the culprit, emigration, imprisonment, and many others.

Jack The Ripper Facts

Jack The Ripper Facts

Jack The Ripper Facts 9: examination

There were surviving files of the police on the Whitechapel murders which may allow detailed view of the procedure of the investigation. It was in Victorian era. The examination and identification were conducted later for closer view.

Jack The Ripper Facts 10: children’s bogey man

There was immediate aftermath of the murders. Later, Jack the Ripper became the children’s bogey man.

Jack The Ripper Pic

Jack The Ripper Pic

More facts about Jack The Ripper can easily be achieved from the different source of information especially internet. There is even magazine of it actually.

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