10 Interesting Michael Craig-Martin Facts

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Those who want to learn more about the contemporary conceptual artist and painter have to read Michael Craig-Martin Facts. In 1973, he exhibited his famous work with the title An Oak Tree. If you want to know more about him, check the following post below:

Michael Craig-Martin Facts 1: date of birth

Craig Martin was born in Dublin Ireland on August 28, 1941. Today he is Professor of Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, University of Landon, England. For his formal education, he went to Académie de la Grande Chaumière in Paris. Then he went to Yale College for a painting course.

Michael Craig-Martin Facts 2: early education

Let’s find out the early education of Michael. He was born in Dublin and was raised in a religious style. He went to Roman Catholic school for eight years. The school was managed by nuns.

Michael Craig-Martin Art

Michael Craig-Martin Art

Michael Craig-Martin Facts 3: art interest

Then he went to English Benedictine Priory School. The school now is called as St. Anselm’s Abbey School. He learned much about the religious imagery that he could see on the stained glass windows and illuminated glass panels. One of his priests was impressed when he saw Phillips Collection of work by Mark Rothko. It made Michael realized that he likes art.

Michael Craig-Martin Facts 4: perspective of art

Then he began to pursue his art interest when he was enrolled at Lycée Français in Bogotá, Colombia. His father worked in the country for a while. Antonio Roda who was the artist in Lycee encouraged him to have wider perspective on art.

Michael Craig-Martin Facts

Michael Craig-Martin Facts

Michael Craig-Martin Facts 5: moving to Washington

After spending some time in Columbia, Michael returned to Washington.  He followed the drawing classes created by some local artists. While he started painting, Michael also studied English literature and history by attending Fordham University in New York. Find out another great painter in Henri Matisse facts.

Michael Craig-Martin Facts 6: moving to London

Since 1966, Michael decided to work and live in London. The subject of his art during 1960 was the ordinary household items. In 1970, he started to paint the line drawings of the objects.

Michael Craig-Martin Image

Michael Craig-Martin Image

Michael Craig-Martin Facts 7:1990 Era

Michael’s art in 1990s was bold. He often depicted the painting with vivid hues and bold outlined motifs.  He applied them on the canvas. But soon, he used the wall painting as his media.

Michael Craig-Martin Facts 8: seminal piece An Oak Tree

The first exhibition of seminal piece An Oak Tree was in 1973. You can find a glass of water standing on a shelf. It was attached to the wall of the gallery. You can also find a text which explained why the reason this work art was called an oak tree.

Michael Craig-Martin Painting

Michael Craig-Martin Painting

Michael Craig-Martin Facts 9: a tutor

Michael became a tutor at Goldsmiths College, Department of Art in 1980s.

Michael Craig-Martin Facts 10: trustee

Michael is also appointed as a trustee for National Art Collections Fund and Tate Gallery.

Michael Craig-Martin

Michael Craig-Martin

Talking about his personal life, he married Jan Hashey and had a child, Jessica. But the couple divorced. Do you want to comment on facts about Michael Craig-Martin?

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