10 Interesting Gary Barlow Facts

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Gary Barlow facts provide the explanation about the famous English record producer, pianist, singer, and song writer. This man was born on January 20th 1971.   I know that you are very familiar with Take That group. Barlow serves as the main lead vocalist. Find out more about him below:

Gary Barlow Facts 1: the head judge

On the series of the X factor UK 8, 9, and 10, Gary Barlow served as the head judge.

Gary Barlow Facts 2: family life

Gary was the second son of Colin and Marjorie Barlow. He was born on January 20th, 1971 in Frodsham, Cheshire. Since his early age, he loves music.

Gary Barlow Facts

Gary Barlow Facts

Gary Barlow Facts 3: influence of his music

His music was influenced by Just Can’t Get Enough of Depeche Mode. He watched this performance when he was only 10 years. It sets the background of his music.

Gary Barlow Facts 4: Let’s Pray For Christmas

Let’s Pray For Christmas was the song that he sung when he entered a BBC Pebble Mills for a Christmas song competition in 1986. The record of his song was given after he could make it on the semi final.

Gary Barlow Image

Gary Barlow Image

Gary Barlow Facts 5: Connah’s Quay Labour Club

In the last of 1980s, Barlow got his first performance  at the Connah’s Quay Labour Club. On that Saturday evening, he was only paid for £18.

Gary Barlow Facts 6: Barry Woolley

Barry Woolley was a Wigan show business agent. He was appointed by Barlow as his manager when he recorded a single called Love Is In The Air in 1989.

Gary Barlow Pic

Gary Barlow Pic

Gary Barlow Facts 7: Martin-Smith

The early demo tape of Barlow’s A Million Love Songs made Martin Smith impressed. So he decided to take Barlow as the lead singer of a boy band that he wanted to create.

Gary Barlow Facts 8: function of Barlow

The group called Take That was created by Bigel Martin Smith. He used Barlow as the songwriter and vocalist of this group.  Other members include Mark Owen, Howard Donald, Robbie Williams, and Jason Orange.

Gary Barlow Pose

Gary Barlow Pose

Gary Barlow Facts 9: hits

There were many hits of Take That written by Gary Barlow. Some of them include “Could It Be Magic, “It Only Takes a Minute”, “Pray” and many more.

Gary Barlow Facts 10: “Pray”

“Pray” is the number hit song of Take That. Because of his song, Barlow received an Ivor Novello Award for Best Contemporary Song in 1994.

Gary Barlow

Gary Barlow

A Greatest Hits collection features How Deep Is Your Love single. It was the last single that Take That had. Are you fascinated with facts about Gary Barlow?

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