10 Interesting Gustav Holst Facts

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Gustav Holst facts are the basic for any people who want to learn in how to study about Gustav Holst. The facts below can be so much beneficial for any of you. So, just read more about the facts in order to gain information related to him.  It will be beneficial for any of you.

Gustav Holst Facts 1: family background

Gustav was born in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. He was the elder of 2 children of Adolf von Holst. He was a professional musician having the wife Clara Cox.

Gustav Holst Facts 2: biography writer

There is a fact that his daughter had written his biography. Holst only had one child. What becomes unique fact is that his daughter was the one who wrote biography about him. The name of his daughter is Imogene.

Gustav Holst face

Gustav Holst face

Gustav Holst Facts 3: conductor association

Gustav also had conducted association with other conductor especially Sir Adrian Boult. They conducted the debut of The Planets and the other works. He also gained association with Vaughn Williams and many other British composers.

Gustav Holst Facts 4: star to write a song on

There was famous song such as Betelguese. It was the most famous among many other songs. So, don’t forget about inspecting many others which you can read and get from internet.

Gustav Holst facts

Gustav Holst facts

Gustav Holst Facts 5: novelist inspiration

He had gained inspiration from certain novelist named Thomas Hardy. The work was Return of the Native describing Egdon Heath. It was the basic of his unforgettable rhapsody.

Gustav Holst Facts 6: base of choral symphony

He had the base of the Choral Symphony from poems written by Keats. It includes the Ode To A Grecian Um.

Gustav Holst Image

Gustav Holst Image

Gustav Holst Facts 7: operas

Gustav Holst was also famous in writing many operas. The number of opera written was 13. The most famous one was Savriti which was inspired by Hindu studies. There were many other famous operas including The Perfect Fool, The Tale of the Wandering, Landsdown Castle, The Revoke, Opera AS She Wrote, and many others.

Gustav Holst Facts 8:  The Planets

His work, The Planets, was inspired by his study of astrology.

Gustav Holst Pic

Gustav Holst Pic

Gustav Holst Facts 9: debut of The Planets

The debut of his well-known The Planets was in the year 1918. It was accompanied by World War one actually.

Gustav Holst Facts 10: teaching

He also ever taught at St. Paul’s school. He taught music there.

Gustav Holst

Gustav Holst

The facts about Gustav Holst can be the basic for any qualified information to get based on him. There are people having different information about him. Yet, the facts above can become your basic to recognize and to learn about.

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