10 Interesting John Cena Facts

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John Cena facts present the information about one of the most popular artists in the past.  The first album of John Cena is called You Can’t See Me.  If you listen to the album, you are served with 17 tracks in it. You can also listen to the song of other famous artists in the album such as Bumpy Knuckles and The Trademarc. Read the facts about John Cena below:

John Cena Facts 1: date of birth

John Cena was born on 23rd April 1977 in West Newbury, Massachusetts. One of his musical videos was shot in his house. In the family, he had five brothers.

John Cena Facts 2: WWE Championship

Rob Van Dam defeated John Cena at One Night Stand 2006 for the WWE Championship. He captured the title for the Extreme Rules Match from John Cena. The location of this event was at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York. Read Joe Louis facts if you want to know another strong man from US.

John Cena Achivement

John Cena Achievement

John Cena Facts 3: Last Man Standing Match

Last Man Standing Match was the match between Umaga and John Cena in 2007 at Royal Rumble. Cena took the title of the winner after Umaga did not get up when the referee’s count to ten.

John Cena Facts 4: number

When he was in the match of Royal Rumble 2008, he went with number 30.

John Cena Facts

John Cena Facts

John Cena Facts 5: Shawn Michaels

He and his partner Shawn Michaels won the WWE world tag team championship. Both defeated Randy Orton and Edge.

John Cena Facts 6: John Cena’s finishing maneuvers

When you see John Cena was on stage, you were amazed with his finishing manouver. People call it the FU. His trademark movement had been used to defeat many of his opponents. Other maneuvers are called Five Knuckle Shuffle and STFU.

John Cena Pic

John Cena Pic

John Cena Facts 7: Ohio Valley Wrestling

Kenny Bolin was the one who managed John Cena to participate in Ohio Valley Wrestling. Other WWE superstars that he also manages are Rico, Mark Henry and Rob Conway.

John Cena Facts 8: Orlando Jordan

Orlando Jordan was the man who defeated John Cena in his third reign in United States title. Then, Cena’s spinner belt was taken by Layfield.

John Cena

John Cena

John Cena Facts 9: Big Show

Big Show was a show for the troops who worked in Iraq. It was held in Christmas 2003 in Iraq.

John Cena Facts 10: Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle was the first opponent of John Cena when he joined WWE. His debut was on 27th July, 2002.

John Cena and Wife

John Cena and Wife

John Cena worked as an actor. In The Marine, he played John Triton.  Because of his undercharged conduct, he was kicked from the marine. Are you satisfied with facts about John Cena?

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