10 Interesting Joe Louis Facts

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Let’s find out the life inspiration by reading Joe Louis facts. Louis is an African American man whose profession is a professional boxer. His name is well known around the world because of his achievement in World Heavyweight Champion from 1937 to 1949. Here are the interesting facts about Joe Louis.

Joe Louis Facts 1: date of birth

Joe Louis was born on 13th May, 1914. His full name is Joseph Louis Barrow. People know him with a simple name Joe Louis.

Joe Louis Facts 2: nickname

Let’s find out the nickname of Joe Louis. People call him as Brown Bomber.  Due to his achievement in the heavyweight boxing, he is called as one of the greatest heavyweights of all time.

Joe Louis

Joe Louis

Joe Louis Facts 3: hardworking fighter

Boxing became popular in the Post Jack Dempsey era because of his characters. People know him as a hardworking and honest boxer.

Joe Louis Facts 4: Louis’ championship reign

The hardworking Louis was the king of boxing for 140 consecutive months. These months were called as the Louis’ championship reign. At that time, he was included in 26 championship fights. The 27th fight was not included in his championship reign for he had to work hard when fighting against Ezzard Charles.

Joe Louis Boxer

Joe Louis Boxer

Joe Louis Facts 5: record

Even though the 27th title is not included in the championship reign, I think Louis is very proud since he can take 25 title defenses.

Joe Louis Facts 6: rank

The international Boxing Research Organization placed Joe Louis as the number one heavy weight of all time in 2005. In The Ring’s list of the 100 Greatest Punchers of All-Time, he is also ranked in the first position.

Joe Louis facts

Joe Louis facts

Joe Louis Facts 7: a nationwide hero

Talking about his ethnicity, Louis is an African American person who had a low status at that time.  Because of his achievement and character as a good boxer, he got a status as a hero in US.

Joe Louis Facts 8: a PGA event

A PGA event in 1952 marked the integration of sport color barrier of golf in US. He did it after he appeared in the event

Joe Louis Photo

Joe Louis Photo

Joe Louis Facts 9: Joe Louis Arena

If you come to Detroit, you need to know Joe Louis Arena. This field is the home to some famous sport teams such as the Forest Preserve District of Cook County’s Joe Louis “The Champ” Golf Course and Detroit Red Wings of the National Hockey League. This arena is named after Joe Louis.

Joe Louis Facts 10: parents

Do you know the parents of Joe Louis? They are Munroe Barrow and Lillie (Reese) Barrow. Their parents were the children of former slaves in US.

Joe Louis Pic

Joe Louis Pic

Louise’s parents had eight children.  Joe was the seventh child in the family. Do you have any opinion on facts about Joe Louis?

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