10 Interesting John Agard Facts

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Check the interesting John Agard facts if you want to know the famous Afro Guyanese poet, playwright and children writers. This man was born on June 21, 1949 in British Guiana. Now he resides in Britain. There are a lot of awards and achievements that he gets because of his works. Find out more about him in the following post;

John Agard Facts 1: early life

Are you curious with the early life of John Agard? He was raised in Georgetown, Guyana. When he was a child, He liked to listen to cricket commentary on the radio. It soon made him realize that he loved with language.

John Agard Facts 2: education

When he realized that he likes to learn about languages, he studied French, English and Latino with wonderful A level.

John Agard Facts

John Agard Facts

John Agard Facts 3: jobs

He tried a lot of jobs after he graduated from his school in 1967. He worked in public library and taught languages.  He also worked for the Guyana Sunday Chronical as a writer and sub editor.  When he was in Guyana, he published two books there.

John Agard Facts 4: living in London

In 1977, John Agard moved with Grace Nichols, his partner to Britain. Actually Agard’s father lived in London. John settled in Ironbridge, Shropshire.

John Agard Pic

John Agard Pic

John Agard Facts 5: Job in London

After he moved to a new country, He got a job at BBC and the commonwealth institute in London.

John Agard Facts 6: Poet-in-Residence

It was such a big achievement to know that the famous writer was Poet-in-Residence at The national Maritime Museum in 2008.

John Agard Speech

John Agard Speech

John Agard Facts 7: awards

There are many awards that he has because of his fascinating literary works. In 2012, he got Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry. In 2004, he received Cholmondeley Award. In 1997, he took home Paul Hamlyn Award for Poetry. Another writer who gets many awards is seen in JK Rowling facts.

John Agard Facts 8: Half Caste

Half Caste is the important subject to learn by the student at the age of 14 to 16 years old for their GCSE English qualification. It was written by John Agard.

John Agard Writer

John Agard Writer

John Agard Facts 9: Anthologise

Anthologise was the school poetry competition held by Poet Laureate Carol-Ann Duffy. In 2011, Agard was honored to become one of the panel judges in the competition.

John Agard Facts 10: The Poetry of Earth is Never Dead

The Poetry of Earth is Never Dead is the title of the story which won the first winner in Anthologise.

It was written by the students of Monkton Combe School.

John Agard

John Agard

Some famous works of John Agard include Lend Me Your Wings, Man to Pan, The Young Inferno, and We Animals Would like a Word with You. Please share your thought on facts about John Agard with us.

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