10 Interesting George Lopez Facts

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George Lopez facts will be your additional knowledge in learning about this person. Well, you may also recognize that he got many trivia which you never recognize before. Just read the facts below to enhance your information related to him.

George Lopez Facts 1: born

He was recognized as both comedian and also actor. He was born in Mission Hills, California. It was on April 23, 1961. In the past, he was abandoned by his mother. Yet, this experience had become the material of his stand up comedy.

George Lopez Facts 2: early career

He began his involvement into musical career as a song-plugger. It was on Tin Pan Alley. Later, he started to write his own pieces. His first published song was “When You Want ‘Em, You Can’t Get ‘Em”. Yet, it only provided him with 5 dollars.

George Lopez Actor

George Lopez Actor

George Lopez Facts 3:  top comedian

He is very famous comedian. In the late of 1980s, he was playing clubs around the country. He also had appeared in many TV shows and also any comedy specials.

George Lopez Facts 4: kidney transplant

Perhaps many people have not recognized yet that Lopez had received a kidney transplant. It was in 2005.

George Lopez Facts

George Lopez Facts

George Lopez Facts 5: films

He involved in some films and comedies around 1990s. The films were Ski Patrol (1990), and also Fatal Instinct (1993).  He also involved in comedy series in 2002. He followed the step of two famous people such as Desi Arnaz and also Freddie Prinze.

George Lopez Facts 6: jazz influence

He got his Jazz influence when he was 25 years old. It was “Rhapsody in Blue. This was performed in Aeolian Hall in New York. The audience are Leopold Stokowski, Fritz Kreisler, and many others including Igor Stravinsky.

George Lopez Pic

George Lopez Pic

George Lopez Facts 7: Sandra Bullock

Next fact is about the involvement of Sandra Bullock. This famous actress became the executive producer of Lopez’s series. The show was based of his personal experience especially his childhood.

George Lopez Facts 8:  comedy album

His television career became so much popular. He continued to do performance as a stand up comic. Later he recorded comedy albums. The “Team Leader” was nominated within 2004 Grammy Award as the Best Comedy Album.

George Lopez Smile

George Lopez Smile

George Lopez Facts 9: Why You Crying

He wrote an autobiography. It was Why You Crying. It was published in the same year of his comedy album.

George Lopez Facts 10: the donor

The donor of his kidney was his wife. The name was Ann. Later he recovered from the health problem and become the spokespeople of National Kidney Foundation.

George Lopez

George Lopez

I hope the facts about George Lopez will be the basic of interest to gather more info about him. There are other facts you need to know actually.

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