10 Interesting Johannes Itten Facts

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Johannes Itten facts explore the facts about the famous person who always linked with Bauhaus school. This man is famous as the Swiss designer, expressionist painter, theorist and writer. If you want to know him in detail, let’s find out the following post below:

Johannes Itten Facts 1: Weimar Bauhaus

Itten is considered as one of the important men in Weimar Bauhaus. Other important people include German sculptor Gerhard Marcks and German-American painter Lyonel Feininger.

Johannes Itten Facts 2: place of birth

Johannes Itten was born in Südern-Linden, Switzerland.  Before he was a great painter, he had his early education as an elementary teacher from 1904 to 1908.

Johannes Itten Facts

Johannes Itten Facts

Johannes Itten Facts 3: methods

His method of teaching the students was influenced by the work of Friedrich Fröbel. The method involved with the ideas of Psychoanalysis. Friedrich Frobel is a famous creator of the kindergarten concept. Read Jon Burgerman facts to know about a contemporary artist.

Johannes Itten Facts 4: education

He had a good interest with art. So he went to École des Beaux-Arts in Geneva in 1909 to explore his artistic works. But he decided to return to Bern after he found out that the educators were not impressive.

Johannes Itten Image

Johannes Itten Image

Johannes Itten Facts 5: Bern-Hofwil Teachers’ Academy

Then Johannes was enrolled to Bern-Hofwil Teachers’ Academy.  He went there with Ernst Schneider. After studying in the academy, he was considered as the master at the Bauhaus because of his notable work.

Johannes Itten Facts 6: Schneider’s principle

The way he taught the student was affected with Schneider. He would never correct the students individually because it made their creativity dead. He decided to correct the works of the students as a whole by correcting the general mistakes.

Johannes Itten Pic

Johannes Itten Pic

Johannes Itten Facts 7: Eugène Gilliard

Johannes Itten wanted to explore his art more by studying under the guidance of Eugene Gilliard. He was an abstract painter. So he returned to Geneva in 1912.

Johannes Itten Facts 8: influences

Most of Johannes Itten’s works were affected by the works of Franz Cižek and Adolf Hölzel.

Johannes Itten

Johannes Itten

Johannes Itten Facts 9: a private school

When he came to Vienna, he opened a private art school.  The students would be taught based on the textbook and work of Eugène Gilliard. To prepare the students, Itten often asked them to have a gymnastic class.

Johannes Itten Facts 10: The Art of Color

One of his books is The Art of Color. In this book, you can learn more on how to explore the color wheel of Adolf Hölzel.

Johannes Itten's Colors

Johannes Itten’s Colors

Talking about personal life, he was a member of Mazdaznan. The cult was originated from Zoroastrianism and developed in United States. Are you amazed with facts about Johannes Itten?

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