10 Interesting Jon Burgerman Facts

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Find out an interesting topic about the English born artist by reading Jon Burgerman facts. The artist now lives in Queens, New York. If you want to know more about his artistic work, exhibition, education and personal life, you need to read the whole facts about him below:

Jon Burgerman Facts 1: education

Burgerman was enrolled in an art foundation. In 2001, he graduated from Nottingham Trent University in Fine Art.

Jon Burgerman Facts 2: a prominent artist

Jon Burgerman is considered as a talented and notable artist. He had the ability to create different types of art. You can see him involve at entrepreneurism, design, illustration and contemporary art. Look at Johannes Itten facts to know another explanation about an artist.

Jon Burgerman facts

Jon Burgerman facts

Jon Burgerman Facts 3: exhibition

His art hypnotizes people all over the world. There is no need to wonder that he often gives public performance and lectures in some schools. He also has a band Anxieteam who performs pop concert.

Jon Burgerman Facts 4: TV shows

You can see the appearance of Jon Burgerman in some popular TV shows. One of them was Blue Peter in 2008. It was aired in BBC TV. He was a guest star in the show.

Jon Burgerman Illustration

Jon Burgerman Illustration

Jon Burgerman Facts 5: The Underbelly Project

The Underbelly Project also made him participated in a secret incomplete 100 yard old subways station. It was located underneath the streets of New York City.
Burgerman worked with other artists in this secret exhibition in 2009.

Jon Burgerman Facts 6: Pens Are My Friends

Pens Are My Friends is the publication of John Works in 2008. It was published by IdN. The book contains 300 page of his monograph. In the book, you can also get a DVD of animation, films and talks.

Jon Burgerman Image

Jon Burgerman Image

Jon Burgerman Facts 7: The Heroes of Burgertown

The Heroes of Burgertown was released by Kidrobot. It is collection of 14 pieces of mini figure vinyl toys.

Jon Burgerman Facts 8: The Great Hip Hop Hoax

The Great Hip Hop Hoax was his film project released in 2013. This movie was co produced by him and has the first premier at SXSW film festival, Austin, Texas. The artwork on the movie is the responsibility of Burgerman.

Jon Burgerman Pic

Jon Burgerman Pic

Jon Burgerman Facts 9: collaborated brands

Jon Burgerman had collaborated with some famous brands in the world such as Puma, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Rip Curl, Little Big Planet, Nike, 55DSL, MTV, Miss Sixty, 55DSL, Size?, Kidrobot, Sky, Sony and many more.

Jon Burgerman Facts 10: awards

Due to his wonderful artistic works, he has received some awards. He was included in two D&AD Silver award nominations. He was the winner at a Cannes Lions Advertising.

Jon Burgerman

Jon Burgerman

If you want to know the collection of Jon Burgerman in public, you can visit Albert Museum and Science Museum and London’s Victoria. Are you amazed with facts about Jon Burgerman?

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