10 Interesting John Logie Baird Facts

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Read the following post of John Logie Baird facts if you are interested to know the investor, innovator and engineer of the first television in the world. This man came from Scotland. He was famous for his first public of color television system. This man is also the inventor for the electronic color television picture tube. Let’s find out his journey to invent TV below:

John Logie Baird Facts 1: broadcast television

Baird is the creator who has a big role in broadcast television for the home entertainment. There is no need to wonder that he is one of the most notable men in the history of television.

John Logie Baird Facts 2: 100 Greatest Britons

In the list of 100 Greatest Britons by BBC, Baird was enlisted in number 44. The list was created based on the votes of the UK people in 2002.

John Logie Baird Facts

John Logie Baird Facts

John Logie Baird Facts 3: 10 greatest Scottish scientists

It was very amazing to know that this inventor is also included as one of the 10 greatest Scottish scientists in 2006. If you visit the National Library in Scotland, you can find his name in Scottish Science Hall of fame.

John Logie Baird Facts 4: date of birth

John Logie Baird was born on August 14, 1888 in Helensburgh. He was the youngest child of four children in the family.

John Logie Baird Pic

John Logie Baird Pic

John Logie Baird Facts 5: father

His father was the Reverent John Baird. He worked as the minister in the Church of Scotland for the local St Bride’s Church.

John Logie Baird Facts 6: mother

Baird’s mother was the Jessie Morrison Inglis. She was an orphan. But she was the niece of a rich family who worked as a shipbuilder living in Glasgow.

John Logie Baird Style

John Logie Baird Style

John Logie Baird Facts 7: education

Let’s talk about his education. He studied at Larchfield Academy in Helensburgh. Then he moved to the Glasgow and West of Scotland Technical College. Braid also studied at University of Glasgow. However, he never got a degree from the university since his education was interrupted with World War I.

John Logie Baird Facts 8: Baird’s televisor

Around 1926, Baird’s televisor produced the first known picture of a moving image. Actually there were many scientists who worked to create a TV. However, Baird was considered as the pioneer who took the credit since his TV produced the grayscale, moving and live television image from the reflected light.Find out another big inventor in Thomas Edison facts.

John Logie Baird TV

John Logie Baird TV

John Logie Baird Facts 9: moving

With his poor health, Braid moved to 21 Linton Crescent, Hastings located on the south coast of England in the beginning of 1923.

John Logie Baird Facts 10: Radio Times

Baird also demonstrated that it was possible for us to transmit the moving silhouette images by using a semi mechanical analogue television in February 1924.

John Logie Baird

John Logie Baird

John Logie Baird was the first person in Britain who could demonstrate the usage of what we called the VHF band or ultra short wave transmission in 1932. Are you fascinated with facts about John Logie Baird?

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