10 Interesting George Washington Carver Facts

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George Washington Carver facts give you the valuable information about the man who makes me realize that everything in the world has its own use. You need to see his real life to find out that we are lucky and must learn more to struggle in life.

George Washington Carver Facts 1: date of birth

Carver was born in Missouri in the beginning of 1860s. There is no exact date of his birthday. Missouri is considered as one of the states which promoted slavery at that time.

George Washington Carver Facts 2: kidnapping

If you read about the experience of Carver, you need to thank god that your life is better. When Carver was just an infant, some bandits kidnapped him and his mother.

George Washington Carver Book.

George Washington Carver Book.

George Washington Carver Facts 3: Moses Carver

The owner of George and his mother offered the bandits with a $300.00 racehorse to make them return George and his mother. However, the bandit did not return his mother. They only gave the infant back. It is believed that George had a whopping cough when he was returned to Moses Carver.

George Washington Carver Facts 4: abolishment of slavery

US government abolished slavery in 1865. It marked the end of civil war. George and his bother Jim decided to live with the owners, Moses and Susan Carver in the farmhouse. Both did not have any home or even parents.

George Washington Carver facts

George Washington Carver facts

George Washington Carver Facts 5: healthy issue

George has serious health issue. It made him stopped working in the farmland. So he decided to stay at home. He helped the Carver’s family to cook and sew. He learned to play violin from Moses.

George Washington Carver Facts 6: animals

George was very fond of animals. He liked to observe reptiles, insects and plants. When he was about to enter the house, Susan always asked him to put all of the things in his pocket.

George Washington Carver Invention

George Washington Carver Invention

George Washington Carver Facts 7: local public school

The local public school accepted George and Jim. However, the white citizens protested so that both of them were expelled from the school. But soon he realized that the true tutor was the things around him like flowers, bird and insects.

George Washington Carver Facts 8: Bachelor of Science degree

He got his Bachelor of Science degree in 1894.  He was the first African American faculty member. He got his master degree in 1896 with the major of agriculture.

George Washington Carver Research

George Washington Carver Research

George Washington Carver Facts 9: Carver’s Hybrid

He had a lot of offer for teaching in various institutes. He is also a good inventor. He made Carver’s Hybrid when he invented a hybrid species of cotton.

George Washington Carver Facts 10: chemurgy

Carver was famous as the father chemurgy.  It is this science involved finding the industrial uses of products of plants.

George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver

There are many kinds of innovations that Carver had created in his life. You can see peanut butter, cheese, wood stain, soap, and printer’s ink. Are you inspired with facts about George Washington Carver?

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