10 Interesting Edwin Hubble Facts

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Edwin Hubble facts present the amazing person who had contributed much to the field of astronomy. People love to learn about the outer space since it contains a lot of mysterious and sparkling objects such as stars, asteroids, meteoroids, planets and many more. Find out more facts about this man below:

Edwin Hubble Facts 1: date of birth

Edwin Hubble had the full name of Edwin Powell Hubble. He was born on 20th November 1889 in Marshfield, Missouri. This man passed away on 28th September 1953.

Edwin Hubble Facts 2: cosmologists

Edwin Hubble is included as one of the most important cosmologists in the twentieth century. He was one of the founding fathers in the extragalactic astronomical field.

Edwin Hubble facts

Edwin Hubble facts

Edwin Hubble Facts 3: Hubble’s law

This man is the creator of Hubble’s law.  He was recognized as the founding father of the astronomy after demonstrating that the universe keeps growing. He stated about the distance from our planet the recessional velocity in our galaxy rises.

Edwin Hubble Facts 4: nebule

In his finding, Edwin Hubble also has an opinion about nebulae. He presents the essential proof that the nebulae are located beyond our galaxy the Milky Way.

Edwin Hubble Reads

Edwin Hubble Reads

Edwin Hubble Facts 5: stamp

To Honor our famous scientist, Edwin Hubble, the US Postal Service presented a 41 cent stamp on 6th March 2008. The official called this sheet as an American scientist edition.

Edwin Hubble Facts 6: Slipher

Slipher was another scientist which has suggested the Doppler shift explanation. Hubble elaborated the idea by observing the redshift. He came into a conclusion and established a theory about the metric expansion of the space.

Edwin Hubble with Pipe

Edwin Hubble with Pipe

Edwin Hubble Facts 7: asteroid

He was a very lucky man since on 30th August 1935 he discovered an asteroid 1373 in Cincinnati.

Edwin Hubble Facts 8: Hasan Padamsee

Hasan Padamsee is a famous writer. He wrote the well known Creation’s Birthday. It was a story centered on the life of Edwin Hubble.

Edwin Hubble

Edwin Hubble

Edwin Hubble Facts 9: name

There are several items named after Edwin Hubble. Some of them include the crater Hubble on the mood, the Asteroid 2069 Hubble and the Orbiting Hubble Space Telescope.

Edwin Hubble Facts 10: achievement

There are various kinds of achievement that he got because of his contribution in the field of astronomy. Some of them include the Franklin medal, Bruce medal, and Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society



In 1946, Edwin Hubble was awarded with Legion of Merit for exceptional because of his ballistic research. Are you fascinated with facts about Edwin Hubble?

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