10 Interesting Janet Fish Facts

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Janet Fish facts can be you basic to learn about her life and works of arts. There will be many things that you can learn from her actually. The facts below can be your great efforts to find out much info about her. Just conduct reading below.

Janet Fish Facts 1: who is she?

Janet Fish was born on May 18, 1938. She was actually contemporary American Realist artist. She conducts painting for still life. She also had the work of plastic warp containing solid objects and also the partial filled glassware.

Janet Fish Facts 2: Bermuda

She was raised in Bermuda. Her family moved when she was 10 years old. She also came from very artistic family. The father was professor of art history named Peter Stuyvesant. Her mother was sculptor and also potter named Florence Whistler Fish.

Janet Fish

Janet Fish

Janet Fish Facts 3: visual arts

Fish had already noticed that she wanted to pursue visual arts when she was young. Fish also was talented in ceramics. She initially became a sculptor actually.

Janet Fish Facts 4: education

She in fact attended Smith College. It was in Northampton, Massachusetts. The purpose was to concentrate on printmaking and sculpture.

Janet Fish Art

Janet Fish Art

Janet Fish Facts 5: University

She later enrolled at Yale University School of Art and Architecture. It was in New Haven, Connecticut. She there changed her focus from sculpture to painting.

Janet Fish 6: award

She got her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1963 and became one of the first women earning Master of Fine Arts from Yale’s School of Art and Architecture.

Janet Fish facts

Janet Fish facts

Janet Fish 7: solo show

She got her first solo show. It was at Fairleigh Dickinson University. It included detailed paintings of fruits and vegetables.

Janet Fish Facts 8:  photorealist

Her work had been characterized as photorealist. People also recognized her work as new realism. Yet she didn’t consider her to be photorealist and photographer.

Janet Fish Painting

Janet Fish Painting

Janet Fish Facts 9: Eric Fischl

There was American painter named Eric Fischl who spoke of the admiration of Janet Fish’s work. He considered her to be amusing generation of realists. She had influential work in fact.

Janet Fish Facts 10: marriage

She had 2 marriages in her life. She suffered from unsuccessful marriage because of the high ambitions of her work.

Janet Fish Work

Janet Fish Work

Internet and textbook are two major references to get facts about Janet Fish. The more you read is the better indeed. So, what do you think more about it? Is it helpful right?

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