10 Interesting JD Salinger Facts

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JD Salinger facts become more and more popular out there. What you need to do is about in how to get basic quality of it. The more you get info about this person can help you to study better later about him as well.

JD Salinger Facts 1: The Cather in the Rye

There was his book entitled The Cather in the Rye which talks about the troubled teenager after he has been expelled from the school. It was actually the censored book and also the most taught books on the 20th century.

JD Salinger Facts 2: Mark Chapman

JD Salinger actually had the involvement to the assassination of John Lennon. He had copy with Mark Chapman who was the killer of Lennon. This fact had become a basic to recognize about indeed among those who want to get basic info about JD Salinger.

JD Salinger facts

JD Salinger facts

JD Salinger Facts 3: retirement

It was after he became bestseller, He retired to his cabin in the woods separated from the rest of the world. He spent mostly of his life in the cabin. He never published another book actually. Yet, he continued his writing for the sake of pleasure.

JD Salinger Facts 4: Left Austria

Salinger had left Austria one month before the country fell under Hitler’s rule. Yet, his father always wanted him in joining a meat importer for which he had sent Salinger to Austria.

JD Salinger Pic

JD Salinger Pic

JD Salinger Facts 5: WWII

Salinger actually had served the country army during the WWII. He also was 1 of the 1st American soldiers who had entered liberated concentration camp.

JD Salinger Facts 6: religion

He was recognized in changing many religions whether Christian Scientist, Zen Buddhist, and also Scientologist.

JD Salinger Smokes

JD Salinger Smokes

JD Salinger Facts 7: marriage

He actually was married. Yet, he became so much controlling for his kids and wife in living in solitude and also separated from civilization and humanity.

JD Salinger Facts 8:  Nazi

His wife perhaps was the sympathizer of Nazi. They have met while he was doing the counter intelligence within the WWII. He also actually brought her home in meeting his Jewish family after the marriage.

JD Salinger Young

JD Salinger Young

JD Salinger Facts 9: school

In school, he was interested in writing and acting. He also would sign with the names of any of the characters he played in school plays.

JD Salinger Facts 10: hermit

The whole mystery behind the Salinger is that he was a hermit. Yet, it wasn’t entirely true. He actually was reclusive.

JD Salinger

JD Salinger

The more you get facts about JD Salinger can be your basic info in how you take benefits of him to do more enhancement about reviewing biography of important person.

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