10 Interesting Jason Derulo Facts

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Jason Derulo facts become more and more considerate for people to learn about. There are different reasons why people may learn about Jason Derulo. It can be for additional knowledge or others such as to support their review.

Jason Derulo Facts 1: who is he?

Jason Joel Desrouleaux was born on September 21, 1989. He was the dancer and also American singer. People mostly recognize him to be Jason Derulo who was his stage name. The more you review is the better.

Jason Derulo Facts 2: career

He started his career as solo recording artist. It was on 2009. Jason had sold more than 30 million singles and achieved 5 singles especially “Talk Dirty”. You can review more about his albums on different sources out there.

Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo Facts 3: song writing

He actually had written many songs for different artists out there including Grant Gaon, Diddy, Danity Kane, Sean Kingston, Donnie Klang, Lil Wayne, and even Cassie. She had become solo performer when he was young.

Jason Derulo Facts 4: arts school

He had involved in performing arts schools and enhancing his talents as dancer also singer. He also was involved in acting.

Jason Derulo Cover

Jason Derulo Cover

Jason Derulo Facts 5: grand prize

He actually won grand prize on season finale of the TV show entitled Showtime at the Apollo. He was discovered by music producer named J.R. Rotem. He signed Jason to Beluga Heights Records.

Jason Derulo 6: debut album

Derulo had debut album entitled Jason Derulo. It was charted within the top 10 of the UK and also Irish Album Charts.

Jason Derulo facts

Jason Derulo facts

Jason Derulo 7: Demi Lovato

It was in 2011 when Derulo recorded track along with Demi Lovato. The title was Together.

Jason Derulo Facts 8:  American Idol

It was on March 28, 2012 when Derulo appeared on American Idol in announcing the new song entitled Undefeated.

Jason Derulo Hair Style

Jason Derulo Hair Style

Jason Derulo Facts 9: Arlene Zelina

It was on July 9, 2012 when Derulo announced that he had signed Australian singer-songwriter named Arlene Zelina.  This person indeed has gained inspiration for him.

Jason Derulo Facts 10: Jordin Sparks

It was on July 22, 2013 when he gained the feature on Jordin Sparks’ lead single. It was on her third album actually.

Jason Derulo Pic

Jason Derulo Pic

There will be more facts about Jason Derulo that you can get out there. In this case, you need to be able to learn further in how to get significant information related to this man.

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