10 Interesting Ivan the Terrible Facts

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Ivan the Terrible facts have gained interest among people who really want to make sure that they can achieve the best information related to such famous man. There are indeed many of people who really want to obtain further knowledge related to this man.

Ivan the Terrible Facts 1: Prince of Moscow

In the age of 3, he had already become the Grand Prince of Moscow. It was because of the death of his father. He also suffered from childhood imprisonment within a dungeon. It was because of the political intrigues happened there.

Ivan the Terrible Facts 2: childhood

In his childhood, he was so much lonely. The main reason is that he had been neglected by his family who were busy in stabbing and poisoning each other. In his childhood, he spent his time torturing little animals. He also had terrible hobbies including killing people and pets.

Ivan the Terrible

Ivan the Terrible

Ivan the Terrible Facts 3: first rival

He had first rival who was executed at the age of 13. This execution had ended the political struggles within Russian state and persisted throughout his childhood.

Ivan the Terrible Facts 4: Grozny

The word grozny is translated as “terrible” in English. Yet, it has no the same connotations of badness and evil at recent time. It was closely related to the meaning such as formidable and dangerous.

Ivan the Terrible Facts

Ivan the Terrible Facts

Ivan the Terrible Facts 5: devout Christian

He also was very devout Christian. He loved to confess his sins or simply banging his head against the floor with the same interest when he sliced open live birds.

Ivan the Terrible Facts 6: the first czar

He was the first czar. He took the title from the famous word such as Caesar. He said that Russia was the new Rome. He said as well that he was the descent from Julius Caesar. Do you believe it?

Ivan the Terrible Pic

Ivan the Terrible Pic

Ivan the Terrible Facts 7: hero of Russia

Although he was megalomaniacal, cruel, and insane, he was actually the hero of Russians. He also was considered to be the champion of powerless and poor people.

Ivan the Terrible Facts 8:  sons

He had 3 sons. In fact, he whacked his oldest son on the head by using 30 pound iron bar. It killed him instantly. The second son had mental problem and the last one died in mysteriously when he was still a boy.

Ivan the Terrible Story

Ivan the Terrible Story

Ivan the Terrible Facts 9: greatest achievements

He had greatest achievement for Russia in growing it from small state to a great empire. Although not all of his conquests were successful, he managed to stretch the Russia area.

Ivan the Terrible Facts 10: death

You need to know that he didn’t die because of the battle or poison. He had an attack of health during playing chess. He fell backward off his chair. Later, he died peacefully when he took on the dress of a monk.

Ivan the Terrible Image

Ivan the Terrible Image

It will be always interesting to study facts about Ivan the Terrible. If you want to learn more, you can look for further facts from different references out there including internet.

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