10 Interesting Hurricane Sandy Facts

Monday, March 31st 2014. | Disasters

Hurricane Sandy facts give you the detail information about the disaster which made people die and damage many buildings. This post tropical cyclone is very dangerous for it can sweep the area easily. This cyclone can change into a deadly tropical storm. Find out more about Hurricane Sandy below:

Hurricane Sandy Facts 1: the deadly disaster

The disaster of Hurricane Sandy occurred in October 2012. The cyclone damaged the areas in the east coast of United States and Caribbean.

Hurricane Sandy Facts 2: a tropical wave

At first it was not identified as a tropical storm.  It was only a tropical wave. In only 6 hour, it turned to be the tropical storm which affected the area in United States and Caribbean. On October 24th 2012, the official identified the storm as a Hurricane Sandy when the speed of the wind reaches 74 miles per hour.

Hurricane Sandy damage

Hurricane Sandy damage

Hurricane Sandy Facts 3: wind

The wind of Hurricane sandy in 2013 was in the length of 820 miles.  This information was delivered by the National Hurricane center.

Hurricane Sandy Facts 4: The kinetic energy

The kinetic energy of this cyclone reached 5.8 scales from the 6 scale.  This scale is measured by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Hurricane Sandy fact

Hurricane Sandy fact

Hurricane Sandy Facts 5: cost of the damage

The cost of the damage of Hurricane sandy is around 62 billion dollar for the United States. The Caribbean island had to cover 135 million dollar damage cost.

Hurricane Sandy Facts 6: death toll

The death toll for the people in US and Caribbean include 285 people. In US, there were 125 people died in the disaster.

Hurricane Sandy facts

Hurricane Sandy facts

Hurricane Sandy Facts 7: the most expensive storm

People probably think that Hurricane Katrina is the most costly sort damage. But this record is taken by Hurricane Sandy. The total damage cost reached 128 billion dollar.

Hurricane Sandy Facts 8: power

The people had now power because of the height of the storm.

Hurricane Sandy in US

Hurricane Sandy in US

Hurricane Sandy Facts 9: New York

The city with the most damage is New York. The people had to fix the damaged roadway tunnels and subways.

Hurricane Sandy Facts 10: storm surges

Storm surges located on New Jersey and New York were 13 feet. This height is very dangerous for it is above the average of storm surge.

To avoid any bigger disaster in the future, the government makes a good plan. Most buildings are equipped with electrical transformers. Do you have any question on facts about Hurricane Sandy?

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