10 Interesting Earthquake Facts

Thursday, June 27th 2013. | Disasters

Let me show you the interesting earthquake facts in this post. Earthquake is a big disaster faced by people all over the world. For the last 4000 years, earthquake had killed more than 13 million people. Each year it kills 8000 people. Here are the details about earthquake:

Earthquake Facts 1: Richter scale

The MMS is used to measure the energy released by earthquake. It was used in 1970 to replace the old measurement of Richter scale used by the people since 1930s.

Earthquake Facts 2: Namazu

There are some myths surrounding the earthquake happened all over the world. In Japanese culture the earthquake is always believed to happen because of Namazu. It is a giant cat fish in Japanese mythology.

Earthquake Afermath

Earthquake Afermath

Earthquake Facts 3: Energy in Indian Ocean Earthquake

The earthquake occurs in some countries in Indian Ocean 2004. It is one of the big earthquakes ever occurred in the world. The energy released from the earthquake is equal with energy used by the US people for three days to power the business and home. Another severe disaster is seen in blizzard facts.

Earthquake Facts 4: Length of Earthquake

Most earthquakes only happen in a minute. After the main earthquake, people can face the earthquake aftershock. It occurs because the earth needs to adjust the faulty line after the main earthquake.

Bad Earthquake

Bad Earthquake

Earthquake Facts 5: Parkfield

The earthquake capital of the world is located in Parkfield, California. This city is the place where two tectonic plates meet.

Earthquake Facts 6: Causes of Earthquake

Earthquake can happen because of several reasons. Mostly it is because of the geological fault. Other causes include volcanic activity, mine tests, nuclear testing and landslides. Tornado facts give you more info about other disasters.

Earthquake Disaster

Earthquake Disaster

Earthquake Facts 7: Greek Mythology on Earthquake

The ancient people in Greece had their own mythology why the earthquake occurred. They believe that Poseidon or the god of sea caused the earthquake. This god is named as an Earth shaker. When he was angry he would strike the ground.

Earthquake Facts 8: Northern Hemisphere

The people living in northern hemisphere are more likely to face earthquake than those living in southern hemisphere.

Earthquake Facts

Earthquake Facts

Earthquake Facts 9: Hindu Mythology

The Hindu mythology had a perception about the earthquake. It is believed that the planet is hold by 8 elephants placed by the turtle back and sit on the coiled of snake. The earthquake occurs if one of the animals is not in balanced position.

Earthquake Facts 10: Tsunami and Earthquake

In Japan, earthquake can cause Tsunami. The highest one occurred in 1771. The height of water is around 85 meters or 278 feet. It crashed the Ishigaki Island, Japan.



An earthquake can cause landslide.  The worst one occurred in Kandu Province, China in 1920. More than 20,000 people were killed because of the disaster. Have you realized more facts about earthquake?

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