10 Interesting James Joyce Facts

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James Joyce facts have become so much important for any people nowadays. It will be so much popular for any of you who have the interest in learning about such conspiracy theory. The facts below can be your basic consideration actually. So, let’s discuss more about it here.

James Joyce Facts 1: June 16

There are many reasons why James Joyce may choose June 16 as his exact date for Ulysses. It was for the Ulysses to take place indeed. The answer will be simple. It is because within the day, he had his first date with Nora Barnacle who was his future wife.

James Joyce Facts 2: love affair

James Joyce actually had passionate love affair along with Nora. It had the evidence such as major amount of erotic letters wrote to each other.

James Joyce

James Joyce

James Joyce Facts 3: two children

James Joyce and Nora had two children and also one that had gained the miscarriage. Although many people didn’t know much about Giorgio Joyce, people had gained good information about Lucia Joyce. She was very fascinating person.

James Joyce Facts 4: phobias

James Joyce actually had many serious phobias. The most recognized one was cynophobia which was the fear of dogs. He also had keraunophobia which is the fear of lightning and also thunder.

James Joyce  Child

James Joyce Child

James Joyce Facts 5: inspiration

Many people have already recognized about his role to be the inspiration for those who look for the best involvement for the world.

James Joyce 6: quark

More people had gained difficulty in believing that the word “quark” appeared within his work such as Finnegans Wake. There was also scientist named Murray Gell-Mann who had invented his word Joyce classic.

James Joyce  Pic

James Joyce Pic

James Joyce 7: gifts

Although people recognized Joyce having the gift in writing, James actually had no gift at all in gab. He also had constant eye trouble as well as the headaches. It was the main reason of his trouble in how to get the quality inspiration in writing.

James Joyce Facts 8:  fellow writers

There was evidence that he didn’t get along well with his fellow writers well. He even didn’t provide respect for those who showed him with the offer to read the poetry.

James Joyce facts

James Joyce facts

James Joyce Facts 9: Ulysses in Dublin

James Joyce also had earlier considered titling for another book entitled Ulysses in Dublin. He later called it as Dubliners.

James Joyce Facts 10: does nobody understand?

He also was famous because of his final words. It was “Does nobody understand”? He  actually died on January 10, 1941.



If you have the further concern in learning facts about James Joyce, you can take benefit mostly from great source of internet out there. In this case, what you need to believe is about the way you get the good quality of the information.

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