10 Interesting Mary Downing Hahn Facts

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Find out the interesting information about an American writer on Mary Downing Hahn facts. Hahn was born 9th December 1937. She is recognized due to her young adult novels. In the past, she worked as a librarian at school. There are more than 20 novels that Hahn has written. Let’s check other facts about Hahn by reading the following post below:

Mary Downing Hahn Facts 1: the first book of Hahn

In 1979, Hahn had her first book published in the market. Some of her famous books include Wait Till Helen Comes and Stepping on the Cracks.

Mary Downing Hahn Facts 2: Wait Till Helen Comes

One of the most notable novels of Hahn is Wait Till Helen Comes.   There was a plan to create a film adaptation of this book. The cast and finance were announced by Variety on September 12th, 2014.

Facts about Mary Downing Hahn

Facts about Mary Downing Hahn

Mary Downing Hahn Facts 3: the stars in the movie

The Nélisse sisters and Maria Bello would be the stars in Wait Till Helen Comes. Dominic James would be the director.

Mary Downing Hahn Facts 4: the principal photography

On 28 September 2014, the principal photography of Wait Till Helen Comes started in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Mary Downing Hahn Pic

Mary Downing Hahn Pic

Mary Downing Hahn Facts 5: the appearance of Mary Downing Hahn

During the film, you will see the appearance of Mary Downing Hahn. She will have a speaking role in the movie.

Mary Downing Hahn Facts 6: an actress

Do you know that Hahn wanted to be an actress when she was a little girl? She mentioned this intention to one of the producers. Look at facts about Susan Hill here.

Mary Downing Hahn

Mary Downing Hahn

Mary Downing Hahn Facts 7: post production

Wait Till Helen Comes is still in post production as of 7 May 2015. It is considered as the first novel by Hahn adapted into a motion picture.

Mary Downing Hahn Facts 8: the release

The movie lovers have to wait to watch Wait Till Helen Comes. In 2016, the movie will be released.

Mary Downing Hahn Author

Mary Downing Hahn Author

Mary Downing Hahn Facts 9: the books of Hahn

There are many books written by Hahn. You can read The Dead Man in Indian Creek (1990), The Sara Summer (1979), Time for Andrew (1994), Following My Own Footsteps (1996), Stepping on the Cracks (1991), Daphne’s Book (1983), Look for Me by Moonlight (1995), Following the Mystery Man (1988), The Wind Blows Backward (1993), Witch Catcher (2006), All the Lovely Bad Ones (2008) and Promises to the Dead (2000).

Mary Downing Hahn Facts 10: the awards

Hahn earned a lot of awards due to her contribution in the literary world. Her Closed for the Season earned Mystery Writers of America Edgar Award. Her book, Stepping on the Cracks got Scott O’Dell Award for Historical Fiction. Get facts about Delta Goodrem here.

Mary Downing Hahn facts

Mary Downing Hahn facts

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