10 Interesting Gordon Ramsay Facts

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Gordon Ramsay facts recently become people’s basic interest about how to be able to understand about him. There are people who have recognized the most about how this man has brought influence in the world of culinary. This celebrity chef indeed has more that you need to know about.

Gordon Ramsay Facts 1: birth

First is about the birth. He was born on November 8, 1966 in Glasgow Scotland. Although he was born in Scotland, later he moved to England when he was a boy. He was raised there as well.

Gordon Ramsay Facts 2:  family

He had 4 children from his marriage. The name of them are Megan Jane Ramsay who was born in 1998, the twins Jack Scott Ramsay and Holly Anna who was born in 2000, and also Matilda Elizabeth Ramsay who was born on 2002.

Gordon Ramsay  Chef

Gordon Ramsay Chef

Gordon Ramsay Facts 3:  OBE award

He was awarded O.B.E in the 2006 as the honour for his services to culinary in the 2006 New Year’s.

Gordon Ramsay Facts 4: admires

He also admires his fellow chefs such as Jamie Oliver and also Rick Stein. He also was the friends of Victoria Beckham and also David Beckham.

Gordon Ramsay  Image

Gordon Ramsay Image

Gordon Ramsay Facts 5: other hobbies

Although he really loves cooking to be his hobby, he has other hobbies including martial arts. He even has black belt. He also is very fluent in French. He also is the huge fan of certain TV show such as American Idol (2002). He even often was seen being as the audience.

Gordon Ramsay Facts 6: 15 feet size

He had 15 feet size. It provides him the problem when he chooses his shoes from the stores. It should be customized to be especially made for him.

Gordon Ramsay  Pic

Gordon Ramsay Pic

Gordon Ramsay Facts 7: commis chef

Within early 1980s, he worked as a commis chef. It was at the Wroxton House Hotel. He later ran the kitchen and 60-seat dining room within Wickham Arms. The situation becomes difficult when he gained sexual relationship with the owner’s wife.

Gordon Ramsay Facts 8:  head chef in London

He returned to London in 1993. He was offered the position of head chef. It was at 3 Michelin starred La Tante Claire in Chelsea.

Gordon Ramsay facts

Gordon Ramsay facts

Gordon Ramsay Facts 9: Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

He opened his own restaurant in Chelsea. It was in 1998. The name of the restaurant was Restaurant Gordon Ramsay.

Gordon Ramsay Facts 10:Filming

He once was filming a puffing hunting segment. Yet, he got an accident falling in the icy water after he lost his footing.

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay

Do you love culinary? Then you should try his food first. By recognizing the facts about Gordon Ramsay, you can get close to this cook indeed. So, you can be more attentive about this person in the aspect of facts indeed.

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