10 Interesting Garrett Morgan Facts

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Garrett Morgan facts present the interesting information about the African American inventor and community leader who was born with the full name of Garrett Augustus Morgan on the fourth of March 1877. Let’s find out about him in the following post below:

Garrett Morgan Facts 1: invention

There are some famous inventions that Morgan had created during his life. Some of them include the traffic signal, gas mask, and hair straightening preparation.

Garrett Morgan Facts 2: an automobile

The first African American who had an automobile was Garrett Morgan. He had the credit when owning the automobile in Cleveland, Ohio.

Garrett Morgan Facts

Garrett Morgan Facts

Garrett Morgan Facts 3: a heroic rescue

Many people always remembered Morgan with his heroic rescue when saving the life of the workers trapped in a water intake tunnel. It was located under Lake Erie.

Garrett Morgan Facts 4: parents

Garret Morgan’s parents are the former slave. He was the son of the Confederate Colonel John H Morgan. His mother was Eliza Reed. This woman was half American Indian. She was also a former slave.

Garrett Morgan Gas Mask

Garrett Morgan Gas Mask

Garrett Morgan Facts 5: early life

He was born in Paris. When he reached 14 years old, he moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. He wanted to get a job there.

Garrett Morgan Facts 6: teenage years

Before his success, he spent his teenage years as a handyman. He worked for a wealthy Cincinnati landowner.

Garrett Morgan Pic

Garrett Morgan Pic

Garrett Morgan Facts 7: education

Most African American people did not have good access to education due to his lack of money. They have to seek employment. In his teen age, Morgan could hire a tutor to increase his education.

Garrett Morgan Facts 8: the first invention

The first invention that he made was a belt fastener. It is used for sewing machine.

Garrett Morgan Traffic Light

Garrett Morgan Traffic Light

Garrett Morgan Facts 9: marriage life

In 1896, Garret Morgan married to Madge Nelson. This first marriage had to end with a divorce paper.  He married Mary Anne Hassel in 1908. Both had three sons.

Garrett Morgan Facts 10: business venture

He increased his business venture by having a shop named Morgan’s Cut Rate Ladies Clothing Store. This shop sold dresses, coats, clothing and suits.

Garrett Morgan's Invention

Garrett Morgan’s Invention

In the age of 86 years old, Morgan died on 27th July, 1963.  His graveyard is located at Lake View Cemetery. Do you like reading facts about Garrett Morgan?

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