10 Interesting Jainism Facts

Wednesday, April 16th 2014. | Religion

Jainism facts give you the information about one of the oldest religions in the world. Let me show you the basic knowledge of this religion. Even though Jainism is not the big religion in the world, this religion is embraced 5 to 10 millions. Find out on fact about Jainism in the post below:

Jainism Facts 1: diamond trade

It seems that the Belgian jains are rich. The research indicates that they are the ones who control 60 percent of the diamond trade in the world. Most Belgian jains come from the Palapur. It is one of the Gujaraty cities.

Jainism Facts 2: richness

The Jains in America serve as the richest people here. In India, the jains people are included as the most educated religious groups. There is no need to wonder that good education brings them to wealth.

Jainism facts

Jainism facts

Jainism Facts 3: atman

Atman is considered as the perfect persons.   Therefore, the karma will not apply to them.

Jainism Facts 4: kindness

One of the main things that people can learn from Jainism is the kindness and respect toward each other. People should treat any living organisms in respect if they do not want to be obstructed by karma.

Jainism Mahavir

Jainism Mahavir

Jainism Facts 5: moksha

Moksha is very important in the life of Jains. When they want to reach moksha, they have to stay away from all good and bad karma.

Jainism Facts 6: fast

Fasting is very important to the lifestyle of the Jains. They usually will fast in a very long time. Some of them spend 30 days to fast.

Jainism Pic

Jainism Pic

Jainism Facts 7: Shrimad Rajchandra

Shrimad Rajchandra is the creator of Atmasiddhi. He is one of the most important religious Jain. This Jain writer influenced Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy of Satyagraha.

Jainism Facts 8: ancient religion

Jainism is considered as the ancient Indian religion. The center of the religion is to teach the people with aesthetic and non violent life. It was developed by people in 6th century BC.

Jainism Statue

Jainism Statue

Jainism Facts 9: name

The word Jains came from the word Jinas. The meaning of this word is the spiritual conquerors which reached perfection and liberation.

Jainism Facts 10: tirthankaras

Tirthankaras is considered as the ford maker. In Jainism, there are 24 spiritual leaders. Mahavira is considered as the last spiritual leader in Jainism. He lived from 599 to 527 BC.



The person who comes in the top level of the heaven is called Jinas. The gods are located behind the Jinas since they have liberated souls. Do you have any opinion on facts about Jainism?

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