10 Interesting the Catholic Church Facts

Friday, March 18th 2016. | Religion

If you want to know more about the largest Christian Church in the world, you have to check The Catholic Church Facts. The members of the church are around 1.25 billion people in the world. People often call this church as the Roman Catholic Church. It contributes a lot of the development and history of the western civilization for it is one of the oldest religious institutions. Check other interesting facts about the Catholic Church below:

The Catholic Church Facts 1: the head of the Catholic Church

Who is the head of the Catholic Church? The Bishop of Rome is the head of the church. People often call the bishop as Pope.

The Catholic Church Facts 2: the seven sacraments

The seven sacraments are very important in Catholic Church. They are celebrated in the Western Christianity. Get facts about Pope Benedict here.

The Catholic Church Interior

The Catholic Church Interior

The Catholic Church Facts 3: Jesus Christ

Catholic Church believes that Jesus Christ founded this church.  Moreover, they also believe that the Bishop of Rome or Pope is the descendant of Saint Peter and the bishops are the descendants of Christ’s apostles.

The Catholic Church Facts 4: the varieties of the theological traditions

Catholic Church has several varieties of the theological traditions that you can see on the enclosed monastic orders, mendicant orders and Jesuits.

The Catholic Church

The Catholic Church

The Catholic Church Facts 5: Eucharist

As I have stated before, there are seven sacraments celebrated by Catholic Church.  Eucharist is considered as the principal one. It is believed the body and blood of Jesus Christ was from the bread and wine.

The Catholic Church Facts 6: Who is Mary?

Mary is another prominent figure in Catholic Church besides Jesus Christ. She is considered as the Queen of Heaven or Mother of God.  There is no need to wonder that many people practice the Marian devotions. Check facts about Mary Mother of Jesus here.

The Catholic Church Pic

The Catholic Church Pic

The Catholic Church Facts 7: the Marian dogmatic teachings

The Marian dogmatic teachings are available in four elements. She is the Mother of God. She is without original sin due to the Immaculate Conception. At the end of her life, the Catholic Church assumes that she was in heaven. Another teaching is related to her perpetual body.

The Catholic Church Facts 8: the social teachings

Catholic Church focuses to help the poor and the sick to emphasize the social teaching.

The Catholic Church Facts

The Catholic Church Facts

The Catholic Church Facts 9: the spiritual teaching

How the members of the church spread the Gospel is considered as the spiritual teaching of the catholic people.

The Catholic Church Facts 10: a wonderful provider

Catholic Church tries to help other people through medical services and education. Therefore, it is called as the largest non government provider in the world.

The Catholic Church Exterior

The Catholic Church Exterior

Are you impressed after reading facts about the Catholic Church?

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