10 Interesting Quakers Facts

Friday, December 26th 2014. | Religion

Quakers Facts talk about a religious movement in the world. People also call it as Religious Society of Friends. The doctrine in Quakers was taken from New Testament, 1 Peter 2:9 verse. They are the members of Christian denomination. But they try to avoid any hierarchy.

Quakers Facts 1: Quaker meeting

The Quaker meeting is held all over the world. Based on the report in 2007, the Quaker meeting gathered 359,000 adult members.

Quakers Facts 2: programmed worship

The meeting is often filled with programmed worship. The event is often coordinated by a pastor. They will read the prepared message or sing in this meeting program.

Quaker Facts

Quaker Facts

Quakers Facts 3: the unprogrammed worship

The Quaker also has the unprogrammed worship. It is also called as the practice waiting worship. There are 11 percent of Friends does it.

Quakers Facts 4: what is the unprogrammed worship?

The unprogrammed worship is not planned. Everyone who presents in the event could speak when he was moved by God. Check out facts about Christianity here.

Quakers Image

Quakers Image

Quakers Facts 5: the Valiant Sixty

The Valiant Sixty is the first Quaker. He lived in England in 17th century. This movement broke the traditional Church of England.

Quakers Facts 6: traveling

The Quakers traveled a lot not only in Great Britain but also in overseas countries. They wanted to spread the understanding of Christianity and convert other people. The main preach is about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Get facts about Puritan here.

Quakers Meeting

Quakers Meeting

Quakers Facts 7: the Quaker Minister

You are wrong if you think that the early Quakers minister were only men. There were some women who became the minister of Quakers.

Quakers Facts 8: the message

The message that the Quakers spread in the world is about the religious belief of Jesus Christ. They emphasize the preaching on the direct relation of God through Jesus. Moreover, they also stress the doctrine about the universal priesthood of all believers.

Quakers Motto

Quakers Motto

Quakers Facts 9: the private life

The private life is the main focus of Quakers. They want people to behave and talk based on the God’s order.

Quakers Facts 10: refusal

The Quakers have their one lifestyle. They oppose slavery, refuse to participate in the war, avoid alcohol and refuse to swear oaths. Rather than using you, the Quakers often use thou as their pronoun.



There are many famous Quakers in the world who have great business in manufacturing company, bank and other financial sections. They include Rowntree, Lloyds, Barclays,  Fry’s, Clarks, and Friends Provident. Do you want to give opinion on facts about Quakers?

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