10 Interesting Shiva Facts

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If you are interested to know one of the primary deities of Hinduism, you have to check Shiva Facts. The word Shiva was taken from the Sanskrit word of Siva. It means the Auspicious One. The people also call him Mahadeva which means the Great God. He was also called as the Transformer and the Destroyer. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Shiva below:

Shiva Facts 1: the form of Shiva

Shiva is depicted as unchanging, transcendent, limitless and formless at the highest level. But he is also depicted in various fearsome forms. His followers believe that Shiva is the destroyer, revealer, preserver, creator and concealer.

Shiva Facts 2: the place of living

The place of living of Shiva is on Mount Kailash. He performed ascetic life in the mountain along with his family.  He was considered as the patron god of arts and yoga.

Shiva Picture

Shiva Picture

Shiva Facts 3: the wife and children

In Mount Kailash, he lived with his family. His children were Ganesha and Kartikeya. His wife was Parvati.

Shiva Facts 4: the depiction

Shiva is depicted slaying demon in his fierce aspect. In his benevolent aspect, he is depicted as Yogi.



Shiva Facts 5: the third eye

If you check the picture of Shiva, he is depicted with his third eye located at the forehead. He has the matted hair decorating with holy river Ganga and crescent moon.  His neck has the snake Vasuki.

Shiva Facts 6: the weapon

Can you tell me the weapon of Shiva? He owns a trishula as his weapon. His musical instrument is the damaru.

Facts about Lord Shiva

Facts about Lord Shiva

Shiva Facts 7: Shaivism

Shaivism is always associated with Shiva. It is one of the largest sects of Hinduism. Other sects include Smartism, Shaktism and Vaishnavism. Shiva is considered as the Supreme Being for the followers of Shaivism.  You can call them Saivas, Shaivas or Saivites. If you are interested to know the Hindu religious text dedicated for Shiva, you need to check one of the puranas. It is entitled Shiva MahaPurana. Find out facts about India here.

Shiva Facts 8:the tantric Shaiva traditions

Let’s find out some of the tantric Shaiva traditions. Those include Shaiva Siddhanta, Kashmir Shaivism and Kapalikas.

Facts about Shiva

Facts about Shiva

Shiva Facts 9: the spread of Shaivism

Shaivism is not only seen in India. You can also check it in Sri Lanka and Nepal. Some people in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia also follow this sect. Check religion facts here.

Shiva Facts 10: the Trimurti

The famous concept in Hinduism is Trimurti. There are three major gods here. Shiva is called as the destroyer or transformer. Vishnu is the preserver or maintainer. The creator is Brahma.

Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva

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