10 Interesting David Cameron Facts

Wednesday, December 25th 2013. | People

Don’t say that you are a fan of David Cameron, if you do not know anything about David Cameron facts. This handsome prime minister has a lot of fans out there. If you want to know the man in detail, you have to collect information about him. Find out more on the post below:

David Cameron Facts 1: Viscount Astor

Viscount Astor is the father in law of David Cameron. Aston is the owner of an estate located in the island of Jura. David often stated that he and his wife Samantha had spend many wonderful vacation in the island. You can visit this island because it is the home to the wonderful terrain.

David Cameron Facts 2: columnist

Cameron is not only a prime minister and a politician. He is also a columnist. You can see his regular writing on the Guardian. We believe that it can be used to increase his popularity.

David Cameron and Wife

David Cameron and Wife

David Cameron Facts 3: Prince Edward

What is the relation between David Cameron and Prince Edward? Both were graduated from the similar school. I don’t know whether they were friends at school.

David Cameron Facts 4: Harriet Harman

Harriet Harman is famous as a labor leader. Actually David Cameron and Harman are relatives.

David Cameron Beer

David Cameron Beer

David Cameron Facts 5: education

David Cameron is very a brilliant and smart student when he went to the university. In the Economics with Politics, history and history of Art he got A.  Then he went to Oxford.

David Cameron Facts 6: Tory MP Tim Rathbone

Tory MP Tim Rathbone is his godfather. Since he wanted to work for his godfather, he took a rest in year from his education.

David Cameron facts

David Cameron facts

David Cameron Facts 7: election trail

People always remembered when Cameron was in an election trail before he became a prime minister. Most of his staffs during the election were female.

David Cameron Facts 8: King William IV

David Cameron has something to do with King William IV. He is considered as the direct descendent of the king.

David Cameron Speech

David Cameron Speech

David Cameron Facts 9: an adviser to the Treasury

In 1993, a long time before he was elected as the prime minister, David Cameron worked as an adviser to the Treasury. It was the time when Norman Lamont was put under the pressure to save Britain from ERM.

David Cameron Facts 10: Aston Villa fan

Cameron admits that he is a fan of Aston Villa. He stated in an interview that one of his relative used to own this Birmingham club. Thus, he loved Aston villa.

David Cameron

David Cameron

As a prime minister, David Cameron has to create many policies. Even though you hate some of his policies, you need to give him support so that he can work well in his position. What do you think on facts about David Cameron?

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