10 Interesting John Hancock Facts

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John Hancock facts are important for the people who want to learn the Declaration of Independence. He was considered as the former president of the Continental congress. He was appointed as the presiding officer in the Second continental congress. The congress was in a meeting with the discussion of military threat by the British army. Here are the facts about John Hancock:

John Hancock Facts 1: family

John Hancock came from the rich family. When his uncle passed away, he inherited all of the money. His family came from Massachusetts. People considered him as the wealthiest man in New England when he got a shipping fortune.

John Hancock Facts 2: a smart and bright student

John Hancock was a great and smart student. At the age of 17 years old, he graduated from Harvard. In a business world, he was very successful.

John Hancock Facts

John Hancock Facts

John Hancock Facts 3: Loyalist

Based on the history people thought that Hancock should be a loyalist. In fact, he was not a loyalist. Instead of becoming the leader of an elite group, Hancock liked the patriots more such as John and Samuel Adams. His social status and wealth did not bother him for supporting the patriots. Look at George Washington facts to get detail info about declaration of independence.

John Hancock Facts 4: smuggler

People consider John Hancock as an importer and smuggler.  The importer who had their tea in Hancock Ships in New England could escape from paying taxes to the British people. The British were suspicious. It led them captured Liberty, Hancock Ship. The conflict led a chaos.

John Hancock Image

John Hancock Image

John Hancock Facts 5: Boston Tea Party

Boston Tea Party is one of the important events in the US history. He contributed a lot in the incident. The people tossed the tea out of the ship but he was not there.  The people did it because they were upset with the British.

John Hancock Facts 6: hunting for Hancock

Since the British did not like Hancock, they began to hunt him and John Adams. The British was after the military supplies too that both men stored.

John Hancock Pic

John Hancock Pic

John Hancock Facts 7: American Revolution

The early person who was behind the scene of the American Revolution was John Hancock. He made the naval force prepared and secured the armies for the revolution. He also contributed his money a lot for the revolution.

John Hancock Facts 8: homesick

In 1777, Hancock was very homesick. So he decided to return to Massachusetts and left the congress.

John Hancock Sign

John Hancock Sign

John Hancock Facts 9: governor of Massachusetts

In 1780, he was elected as the Governor of Massachusetts. Since then he became the long time governor. The people in Massachusetts loved him a lot.

John Hancock Facts 10: health issues

In 1787, he was in bad health condition. It made him missed the Constitutional convention in Philadelphia and Massachusetts delegation.

John Hancock

John Hancock

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