10 Interesting Claude Monet Facts

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Claude Monet facts are primary concern for modern people. The reason is because he was a good artist. Recognizing the facts will help you gaining better information about him. Therefore, just read more below here to find out the facts.

Claude Monet Facts 1: birthplace

The most important thing about the fact is about birthplace. Claude Monet was born in Paris, France. He was born on 14th November in the year 1840. Recognizing the birthplace will help to understand his background.

Claude Monet Facts 2: child name

People notice that his name is Claude Monet. The fact, he was named as Oscar Cluade. In his childhood, he was called as Oscar. It is unknown why he was called Claude Monet later days. Perhaps you can inspect more about it from internet.

Claude Monet facts

Claude Monet facts

Claude Monet Facts 3: parents

His parents had very ideal life. The mother was a singer and the father was a grocer. Yet, Monet decided to become an artist instead of inheriting his father business. Therefore, it becomes his first step to become great artist. The decision is correct.

Claude Monet Facts 4: Le Harve School of Arts

To boost the skill, he went to Le Harve School of Arts. It was in the year 1851. In getting money, he used to sell caricatures.

Claude Monet Painting

Claude Monet Painting

Claude Monet Facts 5: Eugene Boudine

Claude Monet had a mentor. The mentor taught him well. What he taught was oil painting technique. He also taught outdoor painting skill.

Claude Monet Facts 6: the journey

In becoming great artist, he moved into many countries including England and Netherlands. He returned back to France in 1871.

Claude Monet

Claude Monet

Claude Monet Facts 7: Camile Doncieux

He actually had happy marriage. His wife was Camile Doncieux. Yet, Camile died in the age of 32 because of tuberculosis. From the marriage, he gained 2 children.

Claude Monet Facts 8:  cataracts

Claude once suffered from cataracts. Later, he conducted operation to remove it. You can see in his work, there are certain art works redder. Those were created when he suffered from cataracts.

Self Portrait With A Beret

Self Portrait With A Beret

Claude Monet Facts 9: Impressionism

It is a fact that Claude Monet was the founder of impressionism movement. Another name of impressionism artist is Van Gogh.

Claude Monet Facts 10: the death

Claude Monet died in the year of 1926. The cause of the death was lung cancer.

Water Lily Pond

Water Lily Pond

Reading facts about Claude Monet provides you with good information related to Claude Monet. Any of you who love painting are interested right?

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