10 Interesting Immanuel Kant Facts

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Immanuel Kant facts are one of most important information to study about famous people. Although people have already noticed about this man, there are still many facts that they don’t even know about him. So, let’s discuss further below.

Immanuel Kant Facts 1: basic about him

He was the great German philosopher. He was born at Prussia. It was on April 22, 1724. The fact is that he was the first philosopher reconciling the rationalistic and also empirical conflict. His famous and also enduring work is the Critique of Pure Reason.

Immanuel Kant Facts 2: New England Transcendentalist

The New England Transcendentalists were influenced through Kant’s technical contributions to ethics, epistemology, and aesthetics.  Any people should really know this basic information actually. So, you can really notice about in how to get quality of it.

Immanuel Kant Facts

Immanuel Kant Facts

Immanuel Kant Facts 3: Octavious Brooks Frothingham

Immanuel Kant also has been written about as follows by Octavius Brooks Frothingham. He was the first historian of American Transcendentalism.

Immanuel Kant Facts 4: the reaction

He actually reacted to the Age of Reason, Enlightenment, and also Newtonian mechanics. He probably was better than any other philosopher. Any of you should really know in how to be able to recognize better about this information.

Immanuel Kant Image

Immanuel Kant Image

Immanuel Kant Facts 5: criticism

He also criticized the ideas Theory of John Locke and also George Berkeley. He said that people can have a natural belief within the external world and also causal laws.

Immanuel Kant Facts 6: Critique of Pure Reason

His change of 2nd edition of Critique of Pure Reason was an attempted refutation of idealism. He had the thought that he gained the proof of external world existence.

Immanuel Kant Pic

Immanuel Kant Pic

Immanuel Kant Facts 7: University of Knigsberg

It was in 1740 when he entered University of Knigsberg. It was under the influence of young instructor named Martin Knutzen. He later became interested in mathematics, philosophy, and natural sciences.

Immanuel Kant Facts 8:  death of father

His father death has led him without any income. He later became private tutor for 7 years whether to acquire leisure or other purposes. There he published some papers discussing about scientific questions.

Immanuel Kant Young

Immanuel Kant Young

Immanuel Kant Facts 9: age of 57

In the age of 57, he published first edition of Critique of Pure Reason. This work had gained so much quality and affects the Western thought.

Immanuel Kant Facts 10: basic philosophy

Any philosophers had long recognized 2 kinds of judgment. The first is analytic judgment and second is the concepts definition analysis.

Immanuel Kant

Immanuel Kant

You can learn facts about Immanuel Kant more from any different source of information. The fact is that you can get the best info from the internet.

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