10 Interesting Drake Facts

Wednesday, January 1st 2014. | People

If you like to listen to R&B and hip hop music, you have find out about the Drake facts. Drake is considered as one of the famous singers in hip hop and R& B music. People love because of his sweet smile, cure appearance, and cool voice.  Let me tell you about Drake in the page below:

Drake Facts 1: BlackBerry

Many singers and song writers work using their laptop or iPhone. You have to know that Drake creates and composes his using right away from his blackberry. Is not it wonderful?

Drake Facts 2: Hanson

Many fans expect to see Drake performed on stage with Hanson. However, the show turned into a riot and chaos. It made the promoter canceled the show. It was very sad for me to hear it. I really want to see Drake on stage with my favorite band.

Drake  and Grandma

Drake and Grandma

Drake Facts 3: Bar Mitzvah

It seems that Drake does not mind to perform in Bar Mitzvah celebration. You can see that he performed on the Jeff Zucker’s son bar Mitzvah at a TV. It was occurred in the spring of 2011.

Drake Facts 4: dating mystery

Drake is handsome and cute.  Many women like him. He is totally hot with good smile and great body.  Many people think that he had dated Nicky Minaj.

Drake  and Minaj

Drake and Minaj

Drake Facts 5: other link up women

There are many women associated with Drake. One of them is the stylish Rihanna who used to date Chris Brown. However, the rumor also surfaced that he dated Kat Denning. She was the star of Two Broke Girls.

Drake Facts 6:Selena Gomez

The latest news states that Drake dates the ex girlfriend of Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez. If it is true I am happy for that because they can make a cute couple.

Drake facts

Drake facts

Drake Facts 7: motivation

If you are the follower of Drake on twitter, you will know that he is a very motivational man. He always motivates his fans through his tweets.

Drake Facts 8: Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne is his good pal. When Lil Wayne was captured in the Riker Island Jail in New York, he went there for three times.

Drake Sings

Drake Sings

Drake Facts 9: parents

Drake was born from the Jewish Canadian mother and an African American father. He was raised in Toronto, Canada.

Drake Facts 10: movie

Drake is not only good to sing a song, but he is also a good actor.  Once he appeared in a television show in Canada as a wheelchair basketball player.



If you call yourself as a truly fan of Drake, you must know something about him. It can be his favorite food, link up rumor or even his hobbies. What do you think on facts about Drake above?

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