10 Interesting Hip Hop Facts

Friday, March 28th 2014. | Entertainment

Hip Hop facts give you the fascinating ideas about the popular music in the world. Hip hop has different beat from the rest of the music. People love to dance when they hear the hip hop music played on the radio or TV.  Many famous singers who sing hip hop get a lot of money due to the popularity of this music genre. Find out more about Hip hop facts below:

Hip Hop Facts 1: a rap group

Do you know the first all female rap group in the world? It was the Mercedes Ladies.

Hip Hop Facts 2:P. Daddy

P. Diddy is not only dancer, but he is an also a singer and producer. This successful man began his career as a backup dance for Heavy D and Big Daddy Kane. It seems that he was very lucky to gain a lot of money and popularity.

Hip Hop Album

Hip Hop Album

Hip Hop Facts 3: Nas

Nas was very proud to get a Grammy when her co wrote “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It,” for Will Smith. In his entire career, that’s the only Grammy awards that he could collect.

Hip Hop Facts 4: Lupe Fiasco

In an interview, Lupe Fiasco always stated that he had an inner battle with suicide. The fame and success made his life different.

Hip Hop facts

Hip Hop facts

Hip Hop Facts 5: Ghostface Killah

Another hip hop singer that people love much is Ghostface Killah. This man beat up Mase which led him to have a wired jaw.

Hip Hop Facts 6: DMX

Hip hop singer is just like ordinary human being. They like collecting something. You should not be surprised to know that DMX used to collect bugs.

Hip Hop Musicians

Hip Hop Musicians

Hip Hop Facts 7: Jay-Z

One of the high paid hip hop musicians is Jay-Z. This man has various hits. As a producer, he is able to increase the career of his singers. You can see how he and Rihanna collaborated in the music Umbrella. It was a huge success.

Hip Hop Facts 8: Jay-Z and Beyonce

Jay-Z and Beyonce is a very hot coupe. Both have a daughter named Blue Ivy Carter. Both singers often collaborate on stage. One of their popular singles is Déjà vu.

Hip Hop Pic

Hip Hop Pic

Hip Hop Facts 9: Lil Wayne

The performance of Lil Wayne on stage made people fascinated. Talking about his personal life, he shot himself twice.

Hip Hop Facts 10: 2Pac

It will be such an honor for 2Pac to have a sex scene with Janet Jackson for the shooting of Poetic Justice. However, the sex scene is not shot due to the unwillingness of 2Pac to have a HIV test.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop

There are many hip hop musicians who gain popularity. Some of them are NORE, Lil’ Kim, DMX, Snoop Dog, Nas, Busta Rymes, and Dr. Dre. What do you think on facts about hip hop?

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