10 Interesting Child Abuse Facts

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Child abuse facts make you concern more about the life of the children in the world. The children often face abusive behavior from the older people such as parents, grandparents or other people. Children should be protected by the older people. The abusive behavior should be eliminated if they want children to live happily. Here are the surprising facts about child abuse.

Child Abuse Facts 1: Death

The recent research states that five children die because of child abuse.

Child Abuse Facts 2: Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is also included in a type of children abuse. Many children have to face the sexual abuse from their perpetration. 68 percent children are sexually abused by their family member, while 90 percent children with sexual abuse recognize their perpetrator.

Child Abuse Fact

Child Abuse Fact

Child Abuse Facts 3: Age of Abused Children

The first abusive behavior from other people occurred to children when they are in the age of 18 months or even younger than the age. Sometimes they are neglected by the parents too.

Child Abuse Facts 4: Rate of Sexual Abuse

Most children are abused by the people sexually before they reach the age of 18 years old. The rate is 1 to 5 boys and 3 to 5 girls.

Child Abuse Facts

Child Abuse Facts

Child Abuse Facts 5: Abused Victim

Both boys and girls almost have similar rate when it comes about the abusive behavior from other people. There are 51.2 percent girls and 48.5 percent boys abused. See child labor facts here.

Child Abuse Facts 6: Death Because of Abuse and Neglect

When older people abuse or neglect their children, it makes them suffer. It is estimated that 1,537 children died because of neglect and abuse based on the report in 2010. 47.7 percent children were under the age for 1 year, while 79.4 percent were under the age for 4.

Child Abuse

Child Abuse

Child Abuse Facts 7: Neglected Children and Future

Being neglected and abused by parents make the future life of the children is sorrowful. When they are adults, they are 11 times more likely to involve in crime.

Child Abuse Facts 8: Cases of Child Abuse

It is reported that 3.6 million cases of children abuse occurred in United States. The cases include 6 million abusive children in the country.

Child and Abuse

Child and Abuse

Child Abuse Facts 9: Prisoner

36 percent women and 14 men who live in the prison are abused by people when they are still children.

Child Abuse Facts 10: Psychological Disorder

Psychological disorder can be one of the biggest impacts that children face when they are abused. 80 percent of 21 year old people who are abused as children have one symptom in psychological disorder. Read poverty facts to know the condition of children.

Stop Child Abuse

Stop Child Abuse

When children live in abusive environment, it gives them a bad impact. They tend to do the unsafe sex. The risk of STD contamination is very high among the abused children. The girls tend to have bigger risk of teen pregnancy. What do you think on facts about child abuse?

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