10 Interesting Hurricane Mitch Facts

Tuesday, April 1st 2014. | Disasters

Hurricane Mitch facts give the interesting information about one of the deadliest hurricanes in the world. You can find out that there are many types of hurricanes in the world such as Hurricane Andrew and Katrina. This destructive hurricane affected the Atlantic area in 1998.

Hurricane Mitch Facts 1: the speed of the wind

The people living around the Atlantic coast had to face the high speed of wind.  It reached the speed of 385 kilometer per hour or 180 miles per hour.

Hurricane Mitch Facts 2: the notable hurricane

This hurricane struck the area in 1998. At that time, it was considered as the third most powerful hurricane of the season.

Hurricane Mitch facts

Hurricane Mitch facts

Hurricane Mitch Facts 3: occurrence

Hurricane Mitch is included as the most powerful Atlantic hurricane. It occurred in October. In 2005, the record of Hurricane Mitch was beaten by Hurricane Wilma which had more power.

Hurricane Mitch Facts 4: formation

The source of the hurricane Mitch formation was in the western Caribbean Sea. The tropical storm occurred on 22nd October 1998 and reached category 5.

Hurricane Mitch Images

Hurricane Mitch Images

Hurricane Mitch Facts 5: Honduras

One of the countries affected by Hurricane Mitch is Honduras. It was only a small hurricane when it hit Honduras.  However, it struck Florida. The hurricane Mitch was very powerful and strong after it was reformed in the bay of Campeche.

Hurricane Mitch Facts 6: rainfall

Hurricane Mitch caused some biggest rainfall in Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.  The intensity of the rain was around 1900 mm or 75 inches.

Hurricane Mitch Map

Hurricane Mitch Map

Hurricane Mitch Facts 7: flood

Hurricane Mitch caused flood in some countries. The damage of Hurricane Mitch cost 6 billion dollar in 1998. There were 2.7 million people left their home.

Hurricane Mitch Facts 8: death

At the end of 1998, there were more than 11,000 missing people and 11,000 killed people during the catastrophic flooding because of Hurricane Mitch.

Hurricane Mitch Pics

Hurricane Mitch Pics

Hurricane Mitch Facts 9: citizens

There were 45,000 people living on the Bay Island evacuated from the islands.

Hurricane Mitch Facts 10: Belize

A purple alert was issued by the government of Belize for the people living in the off shore islands.

Hurricane Mitch

Hurricane Mitch

The Hurricane Mitch caused some landfall in various countries. There were 10,000 people evacuated in Guatemala. Are you wondered with facts about Hurricane Mitch?

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