10 Interesting Judy Blume Facts

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Judy Blume facts present the information about the famous and popular American writer. Most of her books are best selling around the world. There is no need to wonder if you can find her books have been translated in different languages. Let’s find out more about Judy Blume by reading post below:

Judy Blume Facts 1: children and young adult writer

Judy Blume is well known as the writer for the young adult and children novels. Her novels have been translated into 31 different languages. The sales can reach 80 million pieces of books. Can you believe it?

Judy Blume Facts 2: date of birth

Judy Blume was born on 12 February 1938. She was born with the full name Judith Blume.

Judy Blume Facts 3: themes

There are different kinds of themes that you can find on her books. It’s Not the End of the World, Just as Long As we’re Together talked about divorce. Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret discusses menstruation in teenagers. You can also read different themes of teen sex, masturbation and bullying in her books such as Deenie; Then Again, Maybe I Won’t, Forever and Blubber. Read another children writer in JK Rowling facts.

Judy Blume Books

Judy Blume Books

Judy Blume Facts 4: age-appropriate reading

We know that the diverse topics about the young teenagers are great to open for new discussion. But some people are aware and concern with the age-appropriate reading for her books. It creates controversy.

Judy Blume Facts

Judy Blume Facts

Judy Blume Facts 5: writing for teens

Her writing for teenagers make her earned the prestigious award from American Library Association in 1996. The award is called the Margaret Edwards award.

Judy Blume Facts 6: Tiger Eyes

Tiger Eyes is the name of her novel published in 1981. It was adapted into in a movie by his son, Lawrence Blume. The movie was released in 2012. It was started by Amry Jo Jonshon and Willa Holland.

Judy Blume Facts 7: parents

Her father was Ralph Sussman. He worked as a dentist. His mother was Esther. She was only a homemaker. The young Blume was born and raised in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Judy Blume Hair

Judy Blume Hair

Judy Blume Facts 8: Jewish family

She was raised in Jewish family. Judy has a brother. His name is David.

Judy Blume Pic

Judy Blume Pic

Judy Blume Facts 9: education

In 1956, she left Battin high School. Then she studied at Boston University. She had to leave the school because she was diagnosed with mononucleosis.

Judy Blume Facts 10: degree

She got a bachelor degree in teaching from New York University in 1961.

Judy Blume

Judy Blume

The One in the Middle Is the Green Kangaroo is her first book published in 1969. She began writing children books when her children went school. Do you have any suggestion on facts about Judy Blume?

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