10 Interesting Elie Wiesel Facts

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One of the inspirational Jewish people is seen in Elie Wiesel Facts. Elie Wiesel had to stay in a concentration camp. However, he was very lucky because he was freed from the camp. What he did first after being released was eating a lot of food. Find out more about him below:

Elie Wiesel Facts 1: inheritance

The only possessions that Elia had from his father during the selection were only a knife and spoon.

Elie Wiesel Facts 2: meal

Elie could not enjoy his meal again when he saw a young boy was hanged. He felt that his soup tastes like a corpses.

Elie Wiesel facts

Elie Wiesel facts

Elie Wiesel Facts 3: Buna camp

When he was in Buna camp with his father, both worked in a warehouse. The boss named Ideak running for a warehouse involved in electrical equipment.

Elie Wiesel Facts 4: Auschwitz

Auschwitz was the biggest camp for the Jewish prisoners. At that time, people were served with the ironic word. The front door of the camp is decorated with the sign Work is Liberty. This is a total lie because Jewish people were killed there.

Elie Wiesel Quotes

Elie Wiesel Quotes

Elie Wiesel Facts 5: the main food staple

When Elie was in the concentration camp, the main food staple served for the prisoners were bread and soup. Sometimes they also had coffee for the breakfast. However, they were very starving. Most days, they did not get any food.

Elie Wiesel Facts 6: the first concentration camp

The first concentration that Elie and his family were taken was Birkenau. They travelled by train. This first camp is considered as the reception center for the Auschwitz camp.

Elie Wiesel Speech

Elie Wiesel Speech

Elie Wiesel Facts 7: study the Kabbalah

When Elie was young, he intended to study Kabbalah. However, his father opposed him by saying that he was too young to study the world of mysticism.  His father wanted him to be thirty first before studying kabbalah.

Elie Wiesel Facts 8: injury

Since Elie was injured on the foot, he had to stay in the hospital and got a small operation. If you read the beginning of Elie’s book, you find out that at that time he was only 12 years old. When he was in a concentration camp, he stated that he was 18 years old.

Elie Wiesel

Elie Wiesel

Elie Wiesel Facts 9: sisters

Elie had 3 sisters. After the war she found out that his older sisters survived. However, he never saw his little sister again.

Elie Wiesel Facts 10: father

The author’s father passed away because for dysentery. It is a kind of infection on the intestine. Since he kept calling to bring him water, the Nazi hit him to die. Then he was sent on the crematorium.

Elie Wiesel's Book

Elie Wiesel’s Book

The people who stayed in the hospital were free from the Nazi after the Russian army came to save them. Actually Elie can be saved too, but he decided not to stay in the hospital. What do you think on facts about Elis Wiesel?

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