10 Interesting Green Day Facts

Wednesday, March 5th 2014. | Entertainment

Green Day facts give the information about one of the famous bands in the world. People love to see green day on stage. Even though the band was in a long hiatus, people still love to see them performed on stage. They like to wait for the new album. Find out facts about green day below:

Green Day Facts 1: real name

Many people think that the real name of Billie Joe Armstrong is William. Actually his real name is Billie. The band consists of three members. Those are Tré Cool, Billie, and Mike Dirnt.

Green Day Facts 2: Nimrod

Nimrod is the green day’s song which is included for the official theme in1998 PGA Tour. You can have this song is the album of Good Riddance Time of Your Life.

Green Day Cover

Green Day Cover

Green Day Facts 3: the first guitar

The first guitar that Billie Joe Armstrong had was from his father. His father bought him a cherry red acoustic guitar.

Green Day Facts 4: the first electric guitar

His mother gave him the first electric guitar. He called the guitar Blue. You can see that he used his guitar in various green day videos such as Longview and Basket Case.


Green Day Band

Green Day Band

Green Day Facts 5: The Bookmobile

The bookmobile was converted by the father of Tre into a tour bus.  This mean of transportation was used by the band for the first tour of Green day in US. Tre’s father also serves as the driver of the band.

Green Day Facts 6: Nose Ring

At first, you can see that Billie Joe Armstrong had a nose ring. But he decided to remove the ring because he did not want the ring to get caught by his guitar.

Green Day facts

Green Day facts

Green Day Facts 7: Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt

In 1987, Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt showed their guitar skill for the first time together. At Rod’s Hickory Pit in Vallejo, California, both also went on stage to show their skill.

Green Day Facts 8: Ernie on Dookie

You can find out that breakthrough album of Green day called Cookie sported the character of Ernie located on the back cover.

Green Day Pic

Green Day Pic

Green Day Facts 9: Sweet Children

At first, the name of the band was called Sweet Children. The name Green Day was suggested by John Kiffmeyer.

Green Day Facts 10: Tré Cool

Tré Cool was brought to Green Day to replace the role of the previous drummer, Kiffmeyer. He quitted the band in 1990.

Green Day

Green Day

One of Green Day’s touching songs was Wake Me up When September Ends. This song tells us about the death of Billie’s father. Are you fascinated with facts about Green day?

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