10 Interesting Munich Facts

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Those who like to learn about the city in Germany should read Munich Facts. Munich is good place to visit. You are served with a lot of unique and ancient buildings. The local hospitality, delicious food, and great scenery make people around the world visit Munich. Here are facts about Munich for you:

Munich Facts 1: the capital city

The capital city of German state of Bavaria is in Munich.  This city is also considered as the largest one situated in the southeast corner of Germany.

Munich Facts 2: population

Munich is a home to more than 1.4 million people.  It is considered as the third largest city in the country. The first and second ones are taken by Berlin and Hamburg. Learn more on Hamburg Germany facts here.

Munich Buildings

Munich Buildings

Munich Facts 3: the rivers

The famous rivers in Munich include River Wurm and River Isar.

Munich Facts 4: name

Munich sometimes is also called as Munchen. The name was derived from the Old High German language, Munichen. The meaning of this word is by the monks place. The people believe that the city was called as Munchen in 1158. It was established by monks.

Munich City

Munich City

Munich Facts 5: Viktualienmarkt

Viktualienmarkt is one of the most interesting places in Munich. You are served with a lot of things here. It is a home to more than 140 stalls and shops. You can buy cheese, spices, poultry, game, fruits, flowers, fish, food, drink and many more.

Munich Facts 6: publishing houses

Do you know that Munich is the second largest publishing center in the world? There are at least 250 publishing companies in the Munich. There is no need to wonder that many famous writers in the world are in Munich. You can see Thomas Mann and Rainer Maria Rilke.

Munich Facts

Munich Facts

Munich Facts 7: Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is a festival held annually in Munich. The festival will be held for two weeks. It starts at the late September and it ends on the first Sunday of October. Therefore, it is called as Oktoberfest. This beer festival makes people enjoy the famous local beer of Munich. You should know that Munich is a home to 20 major beer gardens.

Munich Facts 8: Weisswurste

If you are confused to find out the delicious local cuisine, you can try Weisswurste. This white sausage is very delicious. You can taste it with baker pretzels and sweet mustard.

Munich Pictures

Munich Pictures

Munich Facts 9: local beers

If you want to enjoy the local beers in Munich, you can try Dunkles, Weissbier, Pils, Helles and Starkbier.

Munich Facts10: museums

If you want to study about history and antiquity, you can visit the famous museum in Munich. Those are the Museum Brandhorst, the Deutsches Museumm, the Pinaktohek der Moderne and, the Neue Pinaktohek.



If you want to know the biggest film production studios in Europe, you have to visit the Bavarian Films Studios in Munich. Do you want to comment on facts about Munich?

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