10 Interesting Natalie Babbitt Facts

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If you want to get closer with the famous American writer and Illustrator, you have to read Natalie Babbitt facts. In 1982, she was a nominee for the international Hans Christian Andersen Award. If you are interested to find out more about Natalie Babbitt, read the following post below:

Natalie Babbitt Facts 1: date of birth

Natalie Babbitt was born on 28 July 1932 in Dayton, Ohio. Based on the record of her education, she went to Laurel School and Smith College. She got a degree in art.

Natalie Babbitt Facts 2: personal life

Let’s talk about the personal life of Natalie Babbitt. His husband was Samuel Fisher Babbitt. Both have three children.

Natalie Babbitt and Dog

Natalie Babbitt and Dog

Natalie Babbitt Facts 3: The Forty-ninth Magician

The Forty-ninth Magician was a picture book collaborated with his husband. The writer of the book was Samuel. Natalie had the job as the illustrator of the book. In 1966, the Forty-ninth Magician was published by Pantheon Books.

Natalie Babbitt Facts 4: children books

Natalie was encouraged by her editor, Michael did Capua, to create more books for children. Check another famous author in JK Rowling Facts.

Natalie Babbitt Author

Natalie Babbitt Author

Natalie Babbitt Facts 5: short books

Before Babbitt was involved with the production of children’s books, she wrote two short books in verse. In 1971, she was awarded a Newbery Honor for her Knee-Knock Rise.

Natalie Babbitt Facts 6: Tuck Everlasting

Tuck Everlasting is called as the ALA Notable book. It was published in 1975. This book is very popular among teachers.

Natalie Babbitt Books

Natalie Babbitt Books

Natalie Babbitt Facts 7: movies

There are two books of Natalie adapted into movies.  Both books are Tuck Everlasting and The Eyes of the Amaryllis.

Natalie Babbitt Facts 8: an illustrator

Babbitt is not only a talented writer but also a talented illustrator.  She became the illustrator for some books of Valerie Worth.

Natalie Babbitt Cover

Natalie Babbitt Cover

Natalie Babbitt Facts 9: E.B. White Award

The American Academy of Arts and Letters awarded Babbitt with an inaugural EB White Award for her contribution in the children’s literature.

Natalie Babbitt Facts 10: picture books

There are some picture books illustrated and written by Babbitt. Those include 1967 Dick Foote and the Shark, 1968 Phoebe’s Revolt, 1970 The Something and 1994 Bub: Or the Very Best Thing.

Natalie Babbitt

Natalie Babbitt

Tuck Everlasting is considered as one of Natalie’s masterpieces. Some characters in the book include Miles, Jesse, and Winnie. Are you impressed with facts about Natalie Babbitt?

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