10 Interesting Bob Dylan Facts

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Bob Dylan facts are the best information for you. The people who are the fans of Bob Dylan need to notice that the facts below. They are very useful to read.

Bob Dylan Facts 1: the birth

Bob Dylan was born in Duluth. Their parents are the immigrants of United States. He never faces any problem to enhance his career in music. Even he has gained popularity as the time goes by.

Bob Dylan Facts 2: the name

The next fact is about how he changes his name. His real name is Robert Allen Zimmerman. He changes his name into Bob Dylan because he is inspired by a famous and genius person, Dylan Thomas.

Bob Dylan Album

Bob Dylan Album

Bob Dylan Facts 3: treachery

Dylan is called by many people as treachery because he has changed his genre of music from folk to rock. It gives you the main reason why people always call him treachery.

Bob Dylan Facts 4: bad performance

Bob Dylan is very popular not only because of his career but also his behavior. It provides people with many references to think about.

Bob Dylan facts

Bob Dylan facts

Bob Dylan Facts 5: motorcycle accident

If you review about the fact related to Bob Dylan, you can find out that he has suffered from motorcycle accident in the year of 1966. Such accident caused him some troubles. It made him unable to perform properly in his concert.

Bob Dylan Facts 6: religion

What you may recognize about Bob Dylan is that he was Jews. Yet, in the late of 70s, he becomes Christian. However, he changed back his religion into Judaism years later for unknown reasons.

Bob Dylan Old

Bob Dylan Old

Bob Dylan Facts 7: the father

In recognizing about Bob Dylan, you need to know his father. His name is Abraham Zimmerman. He was the salesman of furniture and appliances.

Bob Dylan Facts 8:  the mother

Do you know the mother of Bob Dylan? His mother is Beatty Zimmerman. She was a former model and a housewife.

Bob Dylan Singer

Bob Dylan Singer

Bob Dylan Facts 9: marriages

Bob Dylan married twice. Both of them were failed. The first was with Carol Dennis and second was with Sara Lowndes.

Bob Dylan Facts 10: joining bands

Dylan also joined band while he was in high school. This experience enables him to gain more interest in music. He wanted to enhance his ability to play music.

Bob Dylan with Guitar

Bob Dylan with Guitar

Facts about Bob Dylan are useful for the people who love about music. By learning many kinds of singers, you can get a lot of inspiration and motivation.

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