10 Interesting Felix Baumgartner Facts

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Felix Baumgartner facts are useful for better information to recognize the person. Many of you have already recognized about him right? Therefore, it will be beneficial if you read more about the facts below related to him. Let’s discuss it here.

Felix Baumgartner Facts 1: about Felix

His name is famous recently. He actually is an Austrian having the age of 43 years old. What makes him famous are his parachute jumps. The amount of jumps are over 2,500. His addiction in jumping was gained when he served for military.

Felix Baumgartner Facts 2: already famous

People have already recognized him as the high jumpers. He hold the records of both highest and lowest jumps. The highest jump was in statue of Christ Redeemer located in Rio de Jeneiro. In fact, he also ever flew with custom fiber wing.



Felix Baumgartner Facts 3: stratosphere jump

Perhaps the most famous one is the stratosphere jump in October 8. The height was 23 miles. He wore safe suit and also capsule. If there was any error of the suit, it can lead to fatal result such as the boiled blood.

Felix Baumgartner Facts 4: Joseph Kittinger

A name such as Joseph Kittinger perhaps becomes the inspiration as well. He hold the record of High and Speed Freefall.

Felix Baumgartner Jumping

Felix Baumgartner Jumping

Felix Baumgartner Facts 5: test jumps

There was a fact when he had conducted test jumps by using his equipment at the Height and Speed record trial.

Felix Baumgartner Facts 6: ebullism

When he was on the jump, he gained the experience of ebullism. It is the process or forming of water vapor bubbles within his body’s fluids. He also said that he suffered from thin air.

Felix Baumgartner

Felix Baumgartner

Felix Baumgartner Facts 7: the speed

If it is about the speed, the estimation actually is 720 miles per hour. It is on Mach 1.1. Such speed is achieved around 102,000 feet. Felix may remain in such state for about 20 seconds.

Felix Baumgartner Facts 8:  the suit of space jump

The suit worn by Felix has basic innermost layer, a rubbery membrane layer, a crocheted net layer, and also an outermost textile layer having the thermal isolation.

Felix Baumgartner facts

Felix Baumgartner facts

Felix Baumgartner Facts 9: the balloon

The balloon used is the ultra thin helium. The launch was at 700 feet above the ground.

Felix Baumgartner Facts 10: claustrophobia

He once gained claustrophobia. It occurred because he spent too much time in spending in the suit. Yet, the problem was overcome by the help from specialists.

Felix Baumgartner

Felix Baumgartner

Those are facts about Felix Baumgartner. Felix is very brave man in conquering height. He even considered this to be his hobby.

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