10 Interesting Dante Alighieri Facts

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Dante Alighieri Facts talk about the prominent poet from Italy. He was famous during the Late Middle Ages. This man was born circa 1265 and died in 1321. His full name is Durante degli Alighieri. However, he was simply called Dante. The best literary work of Dante is Divine Comedy. The original Italian title is Commedia. It is considered as his masterpiece.

Dante Alighieri Facts 1: the characteristics of works in late middle Ages

Latin was used as the primary language to create the literary works during the Late Middle Ages. Thus, the works were consumed by the educated readers.

Dante Alighieri Facts 2: the vernacular

Even though most works were written in Latin, Dante wanted to preserve the use of vernacular in his work. The New Life (1925) was an example of Dante’s work using Tuscan dialect. Get facts about Italy here.

Dante Alighieri

Dante Alighieri

Dante Alighieri Facts 3: the national language of Italy

There is no need to wonder that Dante is called as one of the prominent people in Italy. He had big contribution to establish Italian as the national language in the country.

Dante Alighieri Facts 4: the Western art

There were several types of western art influenced by the work of Dante in his Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven. Some famous author was affected by Dante’s style too. Those included Shakespeare, Geoffrey Chaucer, Lord Alfred Tennyson and John Milton.

Dante Alighieri Pic

Dante Alighieri Pic

Dante Alighieri Facts 5: terza rima

Have you ever heard about terza rima? It is the interlocking 3-line rhyme found in the works of Dante.

Dante Alighieri Facts 6: the honor

Dante was an honorable man in Italy. The Italian people call him Sommo Poeta. It means the Supreme Poet.  Moreover, he also takes the title as the Father of the Italian Language.

Dante Alighieri Images

Dante Alighieri Images

Dante Alighieri Facts 7: the three crowns

The three crowns or the three fountains are the title given to the Boccaccio, Petrarch and Dante.

Dante Alighieri Facts 8: the date and place of birth

The experts believe that Dante was born around 1265. His place of birth was in Florence, Italy. Get facts about Florence here.

Dante Alighieri Facts

Dante Alighieri Facts

Dante Alighieri Facts 9: the education

The information about the early education of Dante is quite limited. The people believe that he studied Tuscan poetry.

Dante Alighieri Facts 10: Beatrice Portinari

When Dante was 9 years old, he met Beatrice Portinari and had love at the first sight. Since he did know her well, Dante was involved in a courtly love activity.

Facts about Dante Alighieri

Facts about Dante Alighieri

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