10 Interesting John Cabot Facts

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John Cabot facts are important for the people who want to know the contribution of John Cabot in the discovery and exploration to the New World. He was famous as an explorer after he crossed the North Atlantic from Bristol, England.  During the journey, he reached the coast of America located north to Nova Scotia. Find out more facts about him in the following post below:

John Cabot Facts 1: North America

I don’t know why, but some explorers always thought that North America was another country. When John Cabot reached North America, he thought that it was China, just like Christopher Columbus. Cabot stated that it was the land for England when he landed here. Read Christoper Columbus facts here.

John Cabot Facts 2: the second explorer

The second explorer from Europe who discovered the North American continent was John Cabot. The first European explorer was Christopher Columbus.

John Cabot Facts

John Cabot Facts

John Cabot Facts 3: date of birth

John Cabot was born circa 1450 in Italy. Even though he came from Italy, he moved to England and made the exploration for the king of England.

John Cabot Facts 4: name

John Cabot was his English name. His real Italian name was Giovanni Caboto. The last name Caboto means a coastal seaman. Many navigators and sailors got this name.

John Cabot Image

John Cabot Image

John Cabot Facts 5: family life

The life of John Cabot was not hard. He came from the rich merchant family. The family business involved with the spice trade.

John Cabot Facts 6: sons

John Cabot had three sons.  They were Ludovico, Sebastiano, and Sancto. John Cabot must be proud with Sebastian Cabot. He discovered Northwest Passage by exploring the North America. He also made great attempt to make an expedition to Russia and explored the world.

John Cabot Pic

John Cabot Pic

John Cabot Facts 7: education

Let’s talk about the early education for John Cabot. He studied a lot about seamanship, astronomy, navigation, cartography and mathematics. All sciences that he had received were important when he made expedition and exploration.

John Cabot Facts 8: King Henry VII

King Henry VII gave him right under the English flags to discover and seek countries and islands.

John Cabot Quotes

John Cabot Quotes

John Cabot Facts 9: Matthew

Matthew was the name of his small ship. To make his expedition worked, he hired a crew. The journey to reach the land along the Atlantis Ocean started on 2nd May 1497.

John Cabot Facts 10: a gift

Since he discovered the new isle, he got a gift of £10.

John Cabot

John Cabot

His second expedition happened on 25th July 1498. He had a small fleet with five ships. He took 300 men. What do you think on facts about John Cabot?

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